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Reply: Biliary Dyskinesia
This is a simple same-day surgery. Don't worry, its like falling asleep and waking up as...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Anyone have an experience like mine
I went through the same symptoms for nearly three months, feeling sick, upper stomach...More
Posted by alvarado10
Finally DX..
I got my endoscopy less than 2 weeks ago and found I only have mild inflammation of the...More
Posted by alvarado10
Upper Stomach pain not releived by PPI's
I finally seen a GI doctor after 3 months when my symptoms first appeared. The only...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Constant Left Side Pain - Please Help!
Chances of cancer at your age is very low. I have the same symptoms except my pain is in...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Hemmroids causing bleeding
If you dont have insurance then a ER visit is recommended. At your age, I would get...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Digestive problems
try using intestinal gas tablets. It helped me.
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: flu like symptoms
You may have one of the three most common digestive disorders, acid reflux, peptic...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Bowel Sanitation
I'm not aware of catching any disorder from using the same restroom. Washing the hands...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Stomach Pains
Did you have any tests? If not I would recommend you get tested asap. If your pain only...More
Posted by alvarado10

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