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Reply: Digestive issues, bathroom straining, etc
You should see your doctor again or a GI doctor for possibly IBS or low stomach acid....More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: stomach pain
How long have you been taking nexium? PPI's can also he cause stomach pain as side...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Ulcers
Ulcers take 4-8 weeks to heal. The medication can also contribute to your pain as well....More
Posted by alvarado10
Excessive Gas
I've been having excessive intestinal gas lately. I'm due to see a GI doctor next month...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Gastric Ulcer (Urgent Help Please)
I know that pain. Take her to see a doctor and they will prescribe acid reducing...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: esophagus spams
I've only recently been dealing with this problem since October. I'm much better then...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: hital hernia?
What medications do you take to help releive your symptoms? Protonix has helped but...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Severe Abdominal Pain for Six Weeks
has your friend had any problems before these symptons started? Did they check for...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Diarrhea for four days now. PLEASE HELP!!!
I had a bad case of diarrea once before and it was to the point I had a hard time...More
Posted by alvarado10
Reply: Hey I just found this community and have a questio...
I been having gas myself due to my reflux. It's common. If you think it's overwelming...More
Posted by alvarado10

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