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For now I am a Graduate in BSc(Major in Chemistry with second subject as Biology) and have a Post graduate diploma in computer science. In my career as ANALYST I have worked with Oracle and Yahoo in San Fransisco. This is just to inform you that I do possess a LOGICAL mind and when struggling through my Gastro Paresis (GP) where I almost lost my entire stomach but could recover back only because of my research and trace back abilities.

At the Age of 43 I went through lots of changes that included entering in to arena (Medical Issues) which was unfamiliar to me. I understood how it feels to have to go through intense pain caused by medical problems that one faces. Till age of 43 I had never been even through a simple blood test, but now was facing several issues at one time causing my health to deteriorate. The internet did come to my help and I decided to return back the favor by putting my own experience and cure that I could find on all my issues. I have resolved most of my medical issues with some help from doctors and most by some self therapy and lots of help from Internet on similar issues. Most of these issues were caused by sudden change in emotional response to particular situation, as if I had suddenly forgotten to give a regular response to a ordinary issues. I also realized that our body has several subconscious processes like Breathing, gulping etc which we would do subconsciously without even thinking about it, but when these processes were brought in consciousness they started becoming a big issue. Off course i brought them back to subconscious state to get rid of issue. I have listed what all i went through and how i overcame them. Hope this helps those who are still going through the pain of dealing with them.

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