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Hi,I'm a 34 year old male,and there is something I've kinda been curious about: I've...More
Posted by dwood316
Last night I had a burger for supper,and I had a slice of cheese on it and some red...More
Posted by dwood316
Reply: I have this really weird bowel movement. HELP?
I'd go to the doctor if i was you,it could be something simple or something serious....More
Posted by dwood316
Reply: gall bladder removed/pain/yellowing
That might be an infection possiby,i'd get to your doctor or the ER,they might be able to...More
Posted by dwood316
New Problem?
Earlier tonight I went to the bathroom to do business as normal,and I had to go back a 2nd...More
Posted by dwood316
Reply: Question
Thanks atti_editor,ill check out that quiz More
Posted by dwood316
I've noticed lately that when I have a bowel movement,it would come out normal looking,and...More
Posted by dwood316
Stomach acid problem?
I've noticed lately when I burp it taste like acid sometimes,or I'll burp and it tastes...More
Posted by dwood316
I was sick this past monday and tuesday,and although i'm ok now,I'm just curious as to how...More
Posted by dwood316
Empty Stomach Gas
I've noticed that if I let my stomach get empty completely,I get gas,it goes away when I...More
Posted by dwood316

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