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Reply: Many ailments .. Is there a connection?
Antibiotics kill off not only bad bacteria, but the good stuff we need as well. That's why...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Diverticulitis Diagnosis
"It came away clear, with a note that there was some diverticulum in the colon" - so you...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Recurrent, stinging anal pain while defecating and...
You really need to see a doctor about this. It sounds like you have an infection (possibly...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Prometheus Labs Crohn's Results?
You'll fit right in on the Crohns & Colitis board ...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Generalized Intestinal Dysmotility
You should cross post this on the Crohns & Colitis board - there are some people with...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: Bad bite: A tick can make you allergic to red meat
This has nothing to do with the GMO foods that you seem to be obsessed with.
Posted by sheba_q
Bad bite: A tick can make you allergic to red meat
This bizarre problem was only discovered a few years ago but is growing as the ticks spread...More
Posted by sheba_q
Article - Gut feeling: How intestinal bacteria may...
Mounting evidence that gut bacteria affect mood and behaviour has researchers investigating...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: IBS
This is a good resource for IBS diet info (you don't have to buy her products) ...More
Posted by sheba_q

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