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Reply: gall bladder removed/pain/yellowing
why arent you in the emergency room? Please go to doctor immediately.
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Help - Incomplete bowel movements
You said: "And I can only get it removed by using my finger." PLEASE tell me you ARE...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Recurrent, stinging anal pain while defecating and...
make appt with doctor immediately. COuld be any number of things. my personal opinon?...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Pain in left arm with GERD?
You should not be asking here if you are having anything related to chest pain. Don't...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Sudden Shortness of Breath/Minor Flatulence + Belc...
Dont be foolish. GO TO THE DOCTOR. Or go to the local Urgent Care center. ..
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Digestive Mix Up
You shouldnt be asking about that here. I would have gone to emergency room or get appt...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Pooped bright red blood day 2
You should see a doctor and/or a gastroenterologist. If you dont have a primary care...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: What is causing my coughing.
R U taking BP meds. some of them can cause coughing. I had that problem which was almost...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Bloating
I have ongoing gastro issues. most docs are too quick to just hand out medicine. I'm...More
Posted by kjme11374
Reply: Reflux so bad I have bone pain
Have you made appt just to sit down and talk to your doctor. You need to do this...More
Posted by kjme11374

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