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IBS/Undiagnosed Support Group
The IBS Exchange is for those who have IBS, might have IBS, or are still trying to...More
Posted by earthtonegirl
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Reply: Celiac Disease
Goodness. You've been through a lot. I wonder, as I'm sure you do, if the bile...More
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: Question for Expert.
Please tell me they tested you for Celiac disease (the full panel and not just the...More
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: I don't know what's going on, I need help...
Uh, be suspicious of anyone recommending a colon cleanse, especially when they...More
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: IBS - c??
Yeah, IBS-C refers to constipation-predominant. IBS-D is diarrhea, and IBS-A is...More
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: Change In Bowel Habits w/ Nausea
I know drainage can cause some GI probs like bloating, so it may be a good idea to...More
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: can any one help me
Have you seen a doctor? If so, what did they say & what tests did they do?
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: naturefriend
Everything you describe sounds consistent with Celiac Disease -from your symptoms to...More
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: Diarrhea mostly during sleep
Ugh, doctors just looooove to tell you "Eat more fiber" and send you on your way....More
Posted by earthtonegirl
Reply: Digestive Problems
Your problems may simply be your body re-adjusting to a change in meds. But, a couple...More
Posted by earthtonegirl

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