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I have had these same problems for years and my doctor finially found out I had gastroparises and IBS also acid...More
Posted by Rh38930
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I was one of those that if water wasn't available I didn't go looking - one bout of hideous constipation...More
Posted by Anon_62785
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Resolved
Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an 'umbrella' diagnosis given to patients that have not been properly diagnosed....More
Posted by LogicSense
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Digestive Disorders bowel movment.
am 26 years old ummarried, I always have problem while eating in between i have bowel movment and i go to...More
Posted by An_246031
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Use L Glutamine to mend the gut Take 5gm per day in water for one week Take 10 gm per day the second week The...More
Posted by artichuk
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Polyp's on Bleeding Stomach Ulcer
My mother in-law has been experiencing very strange medical conditions (strange to me at least). Her...More
Posted by LilasMommy01
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How I get rid of pain
I've had these type of pains for over 20 years. I used to get pains every day in high school and never knew...More
Posted by mandolin14
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natural remedies for reflux
Hi!! i had the exact same problem after having my GB surgery and someone recomend me the LEMON GRASS TEA and...More
Posted by rechek13
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Help for constipation
I find that the NatureMaid 400 mg gelcap taken at night before bed keeps me quite comfortable. The reason I...More
Posted by upsadaisy
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Collagenous colitis
I've had collagenous colitis since 1987. I have been through what all of you have talked about. The one...More
Posted by sheila19551
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Symptoms subsided
It's been almost 7 or 8 years since my gall bladder surgery and within the first two years, I did have some...More
Posted by Anon_236788
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possible cause
My wife has had microscopic colitus for several years. She has now developed a reaction to the statin-based...More
Posted by bellmarked
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After 17 yrs of acid reflux, diarrhea,B12 deficien...
GLUTEN INTOLERANCE!!!!! 17 years of life altering discomfort. The proton pump inhibitors I had...More
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Need Quick Answers?
We know many of our members come to our communities in pain and looking for quick answers to get them...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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Probiotics and IBS, but what about fresh fruit and...
I am suffering from IBS for years now, and found that taken probiotics in the morning, helps me tremendous...More
Posted by majanamibia
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hi k
Just keep track of the foods your eating - you may be have celiac disease - allergic to wheat, oat barley
Posted by An_201030
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After all the medication, surgery, and swallowing expanders coated in KY (extra gross), I get more relief...More
Posted by An_201029
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Posted by An_201028
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IBS or NOT?!
Hi! My name is Julie and I am desperate for some help! I even worked in health care and feel as if I can write...More
Posted by julez67
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My husband keeps throwing up acid at night and I really don't know what to do and if he keeps throwing up...More
Posted by Elizabeth1238
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Have you tried better toilet posture?
There is a great new product on the market aimed at improving colon health by correcting the anorectal angle and making elimination easier ... More
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