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Reply: Help with funding ED after the treatment.
I just saw a website called NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness. It seems to have lots of...More
Posted by sw3tflower
Reply: lost
When someone is struggling with bulimia, life becomes a battle between the desire to lose weight or stay...More
Posted by stellagonzalez
not alone. numbers are a trigger
I'm 61 and have been anorexic off and on since I was 15. 10 years ago I finally stopped. I have 2 daughter's...More
Posted by An_256469
Reply: Binge eating disorder
Hey daniel, you cam go for psychotherapy as it helps to teach you how to exchange unhealthy habits for...More
Posted by mariajohnson
New at this
I am seventeen years old, in the midst of SAT, ACT, and AP studyiing. I was recently diagnosed with Anorexia...More
Posted by An_255888
Bulimia Support
I have been bulimic for years and just moved to Wilmington NC, I'm 13 and recently had to be hospitalized as...More
Posted by annalovesu
Reply: pre-teen bilimia
I would seek out a professional who specializes in "eating disorders". Your son will also need to be...More
Posted by momuv4girls
pre-teen bilimia
my son is 11 yrs. old and it has been brought to our attention that he throws up after meals,not all but hes...More
Posted by An_255496
Reply: Losing weight
IMO you NEED to find how exactly what your blood sugar is. Ask your doctor about an HBA1c blood test. Before...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Please help. Pus on genital
This is the dumbest reply i've ever heard. Evil leaving your body? Really? Don't give religious advice to...More
Posted by jdaniel10
Reply: Losing much weight
After I was diagnosed and got medication and my sugar numbers started going down my eyes got worse for a...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: An unusual one
I appreciate the replies, thank you. Sometimes I think it may be going that direction. Going to read up...More
Posted by coughymaker

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Reply: My ed is a secret
Hi rsqer0517, I'm sorry that you feel as though that people don't understand you. Are you pressured...More
Posted by diytestkitsdotcom
Reply: Anorexia again at 45 yrs old
I am 40. Have heavy bleeding disorder. I suffered with bulimia from 11-18 recovered until 4 years ago. I am 5...More
Posted by rsqer0517
What are the dangers of having a low BMI?
Does anyone know what can happen if your BMI is too low? I am naturally low weight and carried a BMI of...More
Posted by marshagal
Relapse or something else?
hi, I had anorexia when I was age 16-22, was recovered ages 22-30, I'm now 32 and for the past two years...More
Posted by juliebeats

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Eating cornstarch
Hi, my sister-in-law eats cornstarch by the boxes!! This can't be healthy? I am currently seeking treatment...More
Posted by Anon_29039
Graduate Student seeks women for quick online ques...
Hello all, I am a graduate student in a Mental Health Counseling Program. I am currently seeking...More
anorexic/and huge right now
I hav e become a huge adult over the age of 50. I was anorexic once and hated food because I had a life...More
Posted by parakeet210
Poetry from eating disorder sufferers
Hi! I have suffered from anorexia and bulimia for about four years, and am currently in treatment...More
Posted by winonamagic
Reply: Developing an eating disorder, please help?
Hey there! I'm glad you've acknowledged that you're concerned you may be developing an eating disorder....More
Posted by glitterandglam
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
Having Trouble with food? Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a free 12-step program of recovery for...More
Posted by An_253102
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Reply: Anorexia: Brain Damage and Chestpain questions
Yes, check with your doctor to see if your chest pain is your heart, your lungs, or just muscular pain. Not...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Discouraged
Hi Brandyb73, It's been a month. Hope you're doing better. And I hope you can have a healthier...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Eating habits?
I'm not an expert, but it sounds like this could possibly be just a habit of yours. If it concerns you,...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Hair loss?
I'm vegan, so I have to be very conscious about getting the right vitamins and nutrients so I don't lose my...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Weird eating problem
Hi aradiaz, Here's a directory that could guide you further on your quest to find out why you don't have...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Anorexic concerns
Hi AmberLockheart, I'm not an expert, but I think it means your liver is not working very's not...More
Posted by PetuniaPea
Reply: Weight drop
Dear Mimakak, I was diagnosed with anorexia right after I turned 13. I was at a healthy weight a year later. I...More
Posted by Sharia
Reply: How to get to a healthy weight without relapsing
I am in the same place you are. I recovered from an eating disorder about five years ago, but now I am...More
Posted by Sharia

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My eating disorder started as far back as I can remember, even as a 5 year old child, I was obsessed with desserts and snack foods, food hoarding, and...More

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