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Can an EDO cause sexual side effects?
What a blessing to have this community of support! I appreciate any advice you can give. My EDO/NOS was...More
Posted by ElisabethJoy
Taking Care of Each Other
You are here because you need support for your eating disorder, whatever it may be. Sharing with...More
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
Posted by Caprice_WebMD_Staff
high liver functions
hello, I have EDNOS. yesterday I went to my doctor and she told me that I am slightly enemic, but that the...More
Posted by firefly1297
Should I tell someone?
So, This will sound strange but here it goes. I think my mom is proud of the weight I have loss, even...More
Posted by shelbaloo001
What to expect AFTER the appointment..?
I haven't fessed up yet. I REALLY don't want to. But for the third month in a row I've went through...More
Posted by JustAnotherGirl83
So unsure of my ED- status
Hi my name is Bonnie, and I am 19, I have battled anorexia and bulimia for 5 years now. With lots of ups and...More
Posted by An_243417

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My 1st post in the ED community. Time to face it. ...
I used to be active on the depression forum under another name. I strongly believe that my depression and...More
Celebrate each victory and forgive yourself for setbacks.
Be as nice to yourself as you are to other people!
Posted by Gracie_Smiles
How do I want to get help
I have lost fifty pounds from either not eating or purging. I have told my former counselor, but honestly...More
Posted by An_243218
Hey its been a long time since I have had to post. I have been doing really good eating healthy and exercising...More
Posted by msjess17
Coping with weight gain- ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED
I struggled with anorexia this Summer, and after going to the hospital with a heart rate of 39, I am now...More
Posted by 120120120
I think what I have is a overeating problem. Does anyone have any advice?
Posted by shadowrose7
Depression and panic attacks related to ED?
Hello- I'm 28 and have been dealing with my acute disordered eating for a little over a year. It's changed a...More
Posted by posie88
This girl needs someone to stand by her More
Posted by An_242800
Looking for help
I have been having an issue with eating for a few years now and it is getting worse. I am 42 and have always...More
Posted by An_242753
Irregular Heartbeat
Hi folks, new to this particular community. That said I'll give just a little background info. I...More
Posted by JustAnotherGirl83
Bulimia - lasting mental damage
Hi, I have never asked for advice through a website such as this but felt compelled to do so today.. I am a...More
Posted by An_242520
Beating myself up again
I got home from work today, I started eating cheese and triscuits then moved onto M&M with peanuts, I...More
Posted by lostkate
stress eater
hi. I am new here. I get stressed when I do I eat. Especially after i get into arguements with my...More
Posted by shadowrose7
Long history of Bulimia and PCOS- Help?
Hello, My name is Michelle. I'm a mostly recovered bulimic. I was bulimic for 10 years and was ednos...More
Posted by Michelle3Kristin
Can't take it anymore
I've been dealing with e/d for about 8 years now, off and on. I'm sick and tierd of it all but can't seem to...More
Posted by An_242207
Hair Loss!!!! D:
AGHHH!!!!! My hair has been falling out in clumps! It hasn't gotten to the point where it is all gone, but...More
Posted by Ran_Mao
need help understanding
I am the mom of a 15 year old daughter. She was fairly big as a middleschooler. When she got interested...More
Posted by 1worriedmommy
I'm curious.. (HELP)
can someone achieve weight loss successfully by surviving only on maybe a 500-1000 calorie diet by eating...More
Posted by An_242045
I suffer from EDNOS, I was wondering if there is such thing as treatment for it? What is it all about etc......More
Posted by sskillman
Whats going wrong with me?
Its becoming harder to eat anything, it could be fruit, a meal, a snack, drinking. Every time I bring...More
Posted by lostkate
hello everyone. i've been on the boards before (ED and SH) but not in a pretty long time. i'm...More
We are all in the gutter, but some of us look at the stars. -Oscar Wilde
Posted by LoverlyLaurie
How did I ever get here?
I apologize for creating a topic all for myself, but I decided to finally take the plunge and address...More
Posted by arrrtttee

Spotlight: Member Stories

Hi i am a 34 year old mother and 3 very sweet girls who right now are in foster care because of my eating disorder. I am fighting very hard to get the...More

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