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Joined: 06/21/2011
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I am 41, a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and 3 wonderful granddaughters and the wife of a wonderful husband who loves me no matter what. I am obese, and have been since 1989. My weight got worse with each year and depression set in. Once I got over that hurdle and started working, I lost 45 pounds, reached a plateau over a year ago and was maintaining my weight just fine. Now I am binge eating. I have a commute of an hour one way two hours total daily. On the car ride home I have no self control and can eat whether hungry or not and this continues until I go to sleep. I have tried to stop, but I can't. If I leave my money at home, I come home and eat non-stop. I have no self control and it truly scares me. It makes me feel like a failure at everything I try to do.

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