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Joined: 09/01/2013
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Hey, I'm Liz. :) I'm a self-employed dancer and real estate agent born, raised, and living in Las Vegas. I'm a tiny (4' 11") Italian and a Taurus (living up to all the stereotypes -- they're TRUE!) with a BIG mouth! ;) Me in a nutshell: CATS: my life & my kids. I work with wild/feral cats and kittens doing TNR (Trap, Neuter/Spay, Release), fostering, and adoption work. DANCE: work & play (Ballroom, GoGo, Pole Fitness, etc.) IDOLS: George Carlin (RIP), Lady GaGa, Jackson Galaxy, Shawn Johnson, and of course, my amazing Mamma, and my late Father (RIP). GIRLY: I'm a girly-girl to the max. I love hair & makeup artistry, and am obsessed with my nails and keeping them pretty & polished at all times! I love shopping, anything pink, fashion, if something is glittery or sparkles I have to have it, and I'm usually reading Cosmo, Nail It!, Allure, or any fashion/beauty magazine. RELIGION & POLITICS: I'm an atheist, but still respectful of those who are believers or are religious. I may not agree with your views, but I still respect your right and freedom to have and practice them. I just ask for that same respect in return. I don't vote, I never will, and I'll continue to criticize and complain all I want about politics, government, and the nuts on Capitol Hill & in DC. (YouTube George Carlin's routine on 'voting and politics' and that's basically my same stance on the issue.) Just because I choose NOT to exercise one right (the right to vote) DOES NOT take any other right away (freedom of speech.) I'm very opinionated (that's the Taurus & Italian in me!), and unintentionally offensive. I enjoy a good debate but will not argue or bicker about either topic. Always remember: "A debate is an exchange of knowledge. An argument is an exchange of ignorance." I'm much more complex. I promise! ;)

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