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I am 31, a mother to two beautiful girls! Gracie is 9 and Hannah is 6. I have a wonderful girlfriend who is also my best friend and we hope to have babies of our own some day! I was diagnosed with Endo is Nov. 09 with lap surgery, a cyst was removed off of my right ovary and also removed was an adhesion from my C-section scar. Since my surgery, I have been diagnosed with IBS, PCOS, bicornuate uterus (which is a split uterus with a wall separating it down the middle and is said to be a birth defect), fibroids, suspected Adeno, and of course: Endo. I have tried all kinds of treatments after my first surgery because the surgeon suggested a hysto, I declined and asked for a second opinion, well right now I am on my 6th opinion and maybe getting somewhere. I've tried BCPS but they make my symptoms worse, I've tried nothing and obviously that doesn't help, one doc said I just needed to get pregnant so my gf and I did an IUI with donor sperm ($900 by the way) and we were lucky enough for it to work and we had not just one baby but two! So we were very excited for twins but we lost them at 5 1/2 weeks........ Keenan and Josie-mommy loves you forever my angels!
June 25th, I started Lupron treatment and that's once a month for 6 months. So far so good. I am not taking any pain pills as I feel pretty good. It is my hope to kick these diseases in the butt! However I do understand that eventually, I will need a hysto, just don't want to make that decision myself.
--2014-- So I went through and updated some ages in my story but decided to leave the rest for now. However, I should write some more to update what's been going on since it's been 3 years since I wrote this. I did a four months of the Lupron but had to stop when I lost my insurance. I didn't enjoy anything about Lupron and the after-effects have been equally terrible. I didn't do anything for me besides leave me sicker than before, my hair is still coming out in thick clumps, and my stomache is messed up. Since I wrote this story I have had a fee surgeries, I had a bladder and uterine suspension, and since the uterine suspension didn't hold, I then had a hysto the next month, and I've had 3 procedures done on my bladder for my IC. Right now I am not doctoring at all, I'm not taking any medications, and I am also very miserable, I'm in horrendous pain and it's impossible to get relief from ibuprofen which is all the ER will give. And that's pretty much it, except for the fact that when I decide to start up with doctoring again, I will be expecting another surgery right away, my ovaries need to come out....

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