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Joined: 07/20/2011
My Story:
Dx with stage IV endometriosis in 2010, had ovary removed. Endometriosis found in appendix, ureter, uterus and 14 cm cysts. Umpteen rounds of BCPs, 1st round of Lupron and norethindrone.

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Sorry I havent been on lately, i have been so busy with work, school, children! I had my...More
Posted by Cjbetty
Lupron Shot
Hi I had my first Lupron shot on Thursday and so far so good. Although I am having...More
Posted by Cjbetty
Severe cold sweats
Hi Has anyone experienced severe cold sweats? I have been waiting to have an ultrasound...More
Posted by Cjbetty
Reply: Severe cold sweats
Hi No I havent started the Lupron yet. My doctor wants me to have a baseline ultrasound...More
Posted by Cjbetty
Update- Havent been able to get the Lupron shot yet, the gynecologist wants to wait for my...More
Posted by Cjbetty
Went to the doctors
Hi I went to my new gynecologist today and I really like her. I am going to try Lupron...More
Posted by Cjbetty
Reply: Went to the doctors
Hi Thanks for the advice. I am going back and forth about this. I had a terrible...More
Posted by Cjbetty
Ok I am concerned...
Ok I am concerned now...I googled Nupron and I am not sure if it is worth it. I dont want...More
Posted by Cjbetty
New to group
Hi, I am a newbie and I am looking for guidance. About a year ago I ended up in the ER and...More
Posted by Cjbetty
I should add...
I should add I suffer from serious migraines and trigeminal neuralgia and being on bcps...More
Posted by Cjbetty