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    Hi! I'm Jennifer, I was diagnosed with endo in September 2010 when I had my first lap, but I've been dealing with the agonizing pain for about 13 years now, since my first period. I've never had regular periods, when I'm not on birth control they happen about once every eight months. Currently on bc I have my period every 4 months, and it's pretty ridiculous as far as pain goes. I take percocet for the pain, and I have one or two ultrasounds a year to make sure nothing else is going on because my mother passed away from ovarian cancer in April of 2011 and my doctors are monitoring for that as well.
    I am trying to find a doctor in my area that has any experience dealing with endo- nearly every doctor I've seen has told me to suck it up or take ibuprofen before I start my period. That's been the most frustrating part for me- constantly being told there's nothing wrong, that it's all in my head. Because my mother's ovarian cancer went undiagnosed for two years despite her persistence and follow-up, I document every little thing when it comes to my health. I finally have an appointment with a doctor who hopefully can help me, but I don't have a whole lot of options left.
    I am optimistic that eventually I'll find someone who can help me, and I'm looking forward to a day when I'm not in excruciating pain most of the time. I can't wait to use my heating pad for other things, rather than additional pain management. Mostly I can't wait to go more than a day without a pain pill because I don't need them, not because I ran out and my doctor won't refill my prescription.

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