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*continued from previous discussion

So i allowed myself to have a period, and for 2 weeks it was black and tarry, never red. October 1 i started the Microgestin and after a week i started feeling sharp stabbing pains on my right side, in the ovary area, in the crease of my right leg, and down my right thigh. so i called my gyno/ pelvic pain specialist again and she schedules an ultrasound october 11, since i have 2 girls, and my boyfriend was working out of town, it was easier than going to the hospital. so during the ultrasound the tech finds a white splotchy place. She cant say what it is for sure, but she says it could be a fibroid or something else. My gyno/pelvic pain specialist called me the next day and said it was a new place where adenomyosis is forming? weird ive seen my ultrasounds and ive looked at some online and adenomyosis is a black circle lookin thing. i havent been able to find an ultrasound that shows a white splotch. so when she told me it was the adeno i told her i was in pain and that aleve wasnt helping. she says i only have a follicle on my ovary, it shouldnt hurt, and if i hurt that bad go to the hospital. she knows i do not have license, so in pain, i took my girls with me, on the bus, to the ER and waited for 5 hours in the waiting area, and by the time i got back there i told them i had the ultrasound, and it was my adeno pain, and i had to get my girls home and in bed. so they gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. im still hurting, sharp stabbing pains on my right side ovary area, and sharp pain in my right leg. what the heck? please someone tell me what the heck is happening to me? what is that white spot?

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