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Joined: 02/27/2010
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I am 24 years old and teach 5th grade. I was diagnosed with PCOS in April 2009, also suspected endometriosis, 1st Lupron injection 06/09, 2nd Lupron injection 09/09 - only provided a small amount of pain relief. Laproscopy 2/26/10, no endometriosis found. Still waiting to find a diagnosis. So thankful for my specialist, as my regular gyno told me my pain during a pelvic exam was normal! :| Doing physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction. Wondering why I'm in pain all the time....

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My Blog
Just wanted to share with you all my blog. I have moved it to blogspot from Live Journal....More
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Reply: tests for IC
Erin, I can't comment about if this could be IC or not because I myself is wondering...More
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Reply: Does anyone on here have IC?
Thanks Amanda! I just don't want to get something stuck in my head again. After my...More
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Does anyone on here have IC?
I'm just curious if anyone on this board has IC? I have been trying not to self-diagnosis...More
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Reply: New Doctor!!
Congrats! It's so nice to find a doctor that your really like. I am doing physical...More
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It's not endo & I have to go back to work
Talked to my doctor Thursday about my surgery the previous Friday. He said the biopsy...More
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Reply: Mirena or Other IUDs for Treatment
I have tried the continuous birth control bills with no success. I ended up bleeding...More
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Mirena or Other IUDs for Treatment
Has anyone tried an IUD for treatment of their endometriosis? During my pre-surgery...More
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Reply: Good Morning -- How are YOU doing today
What a great idea! I'm hanging in there - still recuperating from surgery. Taking pain...More
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Nausea days after lap?
Just wondering for those of you that have had laproscopies before, is normal to feel...More
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