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My Story:
DH and I were married in 1999! We have been ttc since 2001. Diagnosed with endo via lap in 2005 after years of trying to convince many doctors that I had it, I found one that believed me!

Completed 6 months of Lupron Depot in fall of 2005. The Lupron revealed a lump in the cul-de-sac. Back in for another lap in January 2006. Doc found that the lump was binding my colon to my uterus, so she bowed out. She said that she had only seen someone as bad as me in 25 years of treating endo. Always an overachiever!

Laparotomy with gyn/onc in March 2006. Was bound so badly, onc was attempting to free it up "blind" since my uterus would move and he perforated my colon. Enter a new surgeon for an emergency colon resection. He removed the entire diseased colon ~ 6 inches. Fortunately I had a freakishly long colon and did not require a colostomy bag!

Several weeks and many drained absesses later, a mystery hospitalization for pain. December 2006, hsg found my right tube was blocked. Possibly from the infections, or from the disease!

Fall 2010 ~ All was normal (my version of normal) for the next 4 endo may be spreading into my vagina, bleeding lesion in there! Will need to be biopsied. New doc found another lump in my cul-de-sac, the size of a golf ball. Ultrasound found that it is 3cm. May be scar tissue, endo growing back or endometrioma? Also found that my right ovary is twice the size it should be and has a complex cystic mass that is 6cm.

****Update: The mysterious lesion and lump were determined to be one and the same! An endometrioma that is posterior to my cervix and growing in the vaginal wall. No change in 3 years!

Summer 2013 ~ My stage 4 endo has escalated in the last few months. I've been hospitalized for a few days, had an episode where I couldn't pee and have been struggling with fevers and abdominal pain the rest of the time.

I had lots of tests and a lap in August to prepare for a hysterectomy. During the lap, they had to distend my bladder. Not sure if this is IC? Have a planned hysterectomy with excision of endo to be scheduled for October.

I know that endo cannot be cured by hysterectomy. I have to do something, can't continue this way. My biggest pain days come with ovulation and periods are horrendous!!!

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~jill ~~ttc since 01, dx'ed endo via lap 05, 2nd lap
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~jill ~~ttc since 01, dx'ed endo via lap 05, 2nd lap
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