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My Name is Tabitha. I was dx with Endo in 2002 at 19 years old. I started my period extremely early at age 9. My pains and problems didn't get really bad until I was put on the birth control pill(ortho tri cyclen) at age 16.My monthly period became very heavy( use of tampons and pads everytime) The pains were so bad I was in the fetal position daily. When I did make it to school I could barely handle the pains. I did my school work and went to sleep in every class. My job at work suffered at first but as long as I was busy I was able to forget the pains. I suffered for 3 very long years with pains that doubled me over or made it to were I missed school. I was told I might have IBS but the meds made me sick. I had upper and lower GI's.The GI doctor never found an answer for my problems. I had bladder problems but was never given a referral to a urologist.

It has come to my attention in the last month that my OB of 10 years has lied to me every step of the way.

My lap reads that I had endo along the entire Cul-de-sac. ( not my right ovary like my doc told me)After my surgery I was forced to Lupron depot in the 3 month shot without addback.( forced- I woke up and told I was given the shot without my father's permission) I suffered from horrible hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, back pains, joint pains,and gained weight( 30 pounds in 4 months). My OB never gave me any info on Lupron or the side effects. I tried the depo provera shot for 3 months and then tried a few different bcps. My lap reduced my pains from being a constant 10 to an constant 6. So my lap helped alittle. As for all the different meds, being on each one at different times raised my pain level back up to 8's and 10's. So I decided in August of 2002 to give up on bcps and see what my normal pains would be without meds. My daily pains without any meds were a 3 to 5 pain level. Well It's been 8 years since my surgery and my pain levels are now back to a 7 to 8 daily. I have very few days that it hits a 10. My OB wanted me to try Yaz back in May and the 3 months I was on Yaz gave me 3 months of pain that topped a 10 daily along with mood swings and made my hot flashes even worse. I went off of Yaz in late July and My pains have returned to a 5 to 8 daily.

I deal daily with bowel problems, bladder problems, my endo pains, and emotional problems. However I am stronger then I have ever been thanks to this disease. I have been on the Endo diet and Atkins since January 2010. I have noticed alot of foods I can't eat.

We are planning lap number 2 for April of 2011.

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