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Joined: 03/01/2010
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I have shortened this some because i was noticing the beginning of a name is Brandi i am 30 and I am one of the admins on the public Endo and pelvic pain exchange.I have been diag. endo stage IV first lap 08/09 partial oopherectomy second 3/11.. recurring cysts PCOS 04/13 w/ BCP induced Erythema Nodosm. Diagnosed male factor and female infertility after lap. first conception lost at 5 weeks second (my ^^angel^^) lost at 9w 4d.12/09 .had my little gift from god nugget (11/3/11 7lb 12oz.:) i have been on many treatments for my Endo as well as fertility to include multiple types of birthcontrol and 3 failed IUI's 6 years of TTC and 7 rounds of clomid. 2 months on lupron.

i as well as my fellow admins and regular board members have alot of experience and history with our diseases and are willing to offer alternate treatment options, personal support, and any other information we can. I also appreciate any information and support i can receive in return. everyone needs someone they can relate to and I try to offer that.

if you wish to email me privately for information or advice you can get me at

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Reply: Will a hysto help???
the only response to that is you can still have endo after a hysto. it is not a cure...More
Brandi 28dx'ed.endo lap 09'
Posted by brandib01