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Jessica, 28 (Maryland), ovarian cysts, 1st lap 8/27/08 - stage 3 endo

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Reply: Resentment towards people after my diagnosis.
I understand how you feel. I have to admit that I have some resentment towards my...More
Posted by compchick813
Research Studies
I was searching for research studies to participate in, and found this site where you...More
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Reply: Endometriosis is back
So sorry that you had to have a hysto. Do you still have your ovaries? What state are...More
Posted by compchick813
Reply: Odd symptoms associated with recurring endometrios...
Sorry to hear that you lost your ovary and that your endo has been so bad. I don't...More
Posted by compchick813
Reply: Newly diagnosed & thankful for this community
Hi! I haven't been on here in a while but glad to see it's a bit more active then it...More
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Reply: oh no here we go again lol
I haven't been through it myself, but I can certainly understand not wanting to put...More
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Reply: Painful Orgasms
You are certainly not alone. I have been doing pretty well day to day, but the pain...More
Posted by compchick813
Hi Sadie, glad to see you're still around. I haven't been on here in a long time. I...More
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Reply: Adhesions/Edometriosis-Laparoscopy
I had my lap back in 2008, and I had read that it can take a few weeks to heal. A...More
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Reply: Mirena for treatment of endo
Have you tried Lybrel? I've been on it for 2 years and absolutely love it. It's a...More
Posted by compchick813