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Return of seizures
This month my "dizzy spells", seizures returned. I have the auro in my head prior to this. I had blood work...More
Posted by An_264386
Seizures or muscle spasms?
I have started having times - usually a couple of minutes - when my body jerks, like a seizure, but I am...More
Posted by An_264270
what is the duration for a seizure and is the frequency of a seizure? how is it different from any other motion...More
Posted by u26994
epilepsy and concussions
can a conussion increase the chance of having a seizure
Posted by An_263701
epilepsy and concussions
can a conussion increase the chance of having a seizure
Posted by An_263701
Lafora disease
My 16 year old son, Zachary has been diagnosed with Lafora. His mom and I have started a treatment of THCa and...More
Posted by mjwein
Sharing Art
I guess I can't share art work on here. It doesn't give me that option to post anything from my pc. Oh well....More
Posted by ladymy2015
Hello Everyone!
Soooo it's been 3 months and 21 days since my last seizure episode I'm now on 500mg of Lamotrigine a...More
Posted by pandabear12212
hi new to group. I have two types of seizure. one is called epilepsy second is called psychogenic...More
Posted by taz77777
I never knew I was having seizures... Now confused
Hi all, I'm new here and may be reading the boards more over the next few days. I tried to do a search but...More
Posted by An_263830
MRI results
I posted here about 4 months ago about my daughter who had two episodes. We are still not certain they were...More
Posted by lizziema
I'm 16 and there was never anything wrong with me until five months ago. I was taking a college entrance...More
Posted by haleyrobinson7
Still trying to get used to all this
I remember having a few "fainting" spells when I was young but I don't remember when they started. I've had ptsd...More
Posted by millyg
Sudden Epilepsy
Hey All, I'm sort of new to this whole thing. I'm 23 years old, and I had my first seizure back in April....More
Posted by Bulldogs10
My daughter is on Carbamazepine for seizures. Her doctor changed her dosage from 300mg a day to 600mg per...More
Posted by An_263400
pain = seizures
I have a question. Does anyone know whether being in constant pain (from an injury) can trigger a seizure? I...More
Posted by dianecase
Getting frustrated
I have been having seizures for almost 16 years now. They started after a concussion and seemed to be a partial...More
Posted by rtothnj
gf issue
Am I the only one who got trouble finding a girlfriend just because of my disease?
Posted by blerand55
New Diagnosis of Epilepsy/teenager
Hi, My 14 year old daughter has been diagnosed with epilepsy on January 2015. She has a clear MRI and has been...More
Posted by njayjay
Keppra side effects
I have been on Keppra for a year now. I get more nervous than I use to, shaking hands etc now panic attacks...More
Posted by libbz

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Seizures and Anger?
Hello all, my boyfriend has had seizures since we've been together. He's made a lot of life changes and...More
Posted by jessicalynn0512
stroke and seizures
I had a stroke about 5 weeks ago, about a week and a half later I had my first seizure, was told to start...More
Posted by cookielyn
sex and seziures
I am just wondering if someone with seizures are safe to have or can trigger seizures?
Posted by An_262880
need help for my 4 months old intractable seizures
Hello. I have daughter 4 months old now. When she was 1 month old she started to have jerks to both lower...More
Posted by An_262828 All of it!...
I have suffered with epilepsy since i was a toddler! but it was never as bad as it is now as an adult!...More
Posted by misssullivan0789
So I have had epilepsy since I was 10 and want to try something different other then meds what is all out...More
Posted by bbydoll5555

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maybe not a seizure
A friend of mine had what he thought was a seizure. They could find nothing but he lost his license also. For one documented seizure. A ... More
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