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orgasmic seizures
I need to know if this needs medical attention and if so, what type of doctor needs to help me. When I reach...More
Posted by pmbcvc
Roller Coaster Ride
rant warning* Lately I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride!!! I set a timer on my phone and reset...More
Posted by pandabear12212

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What seizure medication are you on? (If one of the ones below), don't have room for all haha, just chose some "popular" ones.
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  • Lamotrigine
  • Keppra
  • Depakote
  • Multiple
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I have epilepsy.
Anyone else experience what i do with having pain starting on left arm and traveling up to your shoulder and...More
Posted by kimnizzy
Seizures during relations
I've been experiencing seizures a lot during sex. It seems to happen when I'm turned on and really into it!...More
Posted by mskayla22
Seizure medicine and pregnancy
I would like to know what risk are involved when trying to get pregnant and seizure medicine is involved. I am...More
Posted by kosteen
My boyfriends seizures have changed... Please help
Hi everyone, I read posts on here a lot but haven't asked my own questions yet... So where to...More
Posted by wearpurpleforhope
Disability for seizures as an adult?
My doctor has told me to file for disability and I have my first meeting tomorrow, anyone with any input good...More
Posted by mskayla22
What is this type of seizure called?
I had a massive brain injury when I was 14, I'm 40 now. I started having grand and petit mal seizures at 16...More
Posted by An_260276
any ideas
My son has had seizures since he was 7 months old and is 80 percent deaf. He has been on several medications...More
Posted by An_260197
my dog just had a grand mal type seizure
I have 5 dogs, my youngest, Freddy just had a seizure like episode. He was jerking, and rolling around the...More
Posted by hootyowl2
chocolate & stress cause seizures?
I just had a very bad weekend,where I had 2 big seizures and possibly 1 or 2 small ones. I completely lost 4...More
Posted by An_260044
I think my ex boyfriend broke up with me because o...
I was with this amazing guy for 7months he would make funny sounds asked him he told me its sinus I believed...More
Posted by An_259966
happy halloween
Aloha, Happy Halloween from Honolulu, HI. I hope that you al have a lot of fun and get some candy...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11
Fatigue, Irritation, Dullness, Mood Swings after S...
Hello, I am a 20-year old female who had two tonic-clonic seizures 2 weeks ago. The first one was in the...More
Posted by erin1994
Resource Qestion
When I first joined here, there was a long list of resources, so this link is likely still there someplace. I...More
Posted by hootyowl2
DGS had seizure today at school
I don't know the details yet, but my DGS had a seizure today at school, and he was taken to the ER. So far,...More
Posted by hootyowl2
Haven't been on here in a looooong time
I haven't been on here in awhile. Just got on to see if there were any new topics. I have to say that I have...More
Posted by nanwake23
Ebola Questions? Ask Now
Tell us what worries you most. We'll take your questions to leading infectious disease expert Anthony...More
Posted by atti_editor
broke sz streak
aloha everyone, I have surpassed me streak with out szs. Sept 19th was the last sz I had so I have...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11
How can you tell the difference between Generic an...
I've heard that generic prescriptions don't work as well...Right now my prescription bottle says: ...More
Posted by An_259703

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Brain surgery for Epilepsy?
Hey my names Ash and im 24 years old. This is my first time on a community forum relating to epilepsy. I...More
Posted by musicalmatterz
Medical Cannabis, too shy to ask.
I'm sure other people have felt this way at some point... I am a 19 year old recently diagnosed with...More
Posted by pandabear12212
My last seizure
I had my first seizure when I was 16(now 21). After my second seizure, I was put on Trileptal. Up until early...More
Posted by blaize44
Sugar and seizures and/or possible trigger foods
So I have been having seizure episodes now a days and it bothers my family a lot. The problem is that the...More
Posted by An_259606
Have I been having seizures?
So the first time I remember this happening was back in 7th Grade (I'm 22), but the main thing that keeps...More
Posted by dangerdan92
szs since VNS surgery
Aloha Everyone, The last sz I had was on the 19th of sept. The VNS surgery was on the 22nd. I have...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11
Is anyone taking topamate, if so how long and how many mg? I have been on it for about 10 years, and my...More
Posted by An_259499
How long have you had Epilepsy?
Just a poll out of curiosity
Posted by pandabear12212

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How long have you lived with Epilepsy?
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  • 20 years
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Anyone else have friends or family in Denial?
Wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them... My mother, though she now accepts the fact that...More
Posted by pandabear12212

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Believe it or not, you can save BIG bucks at the drugstore around the corner (some prescription, some generic and some of both, depending ... More
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