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seizures started in the past three years.
About three years ago I started having seizures. These seizures were full blown, loss of conscientious, eyes...More
Posted by kaseybeck
A change
My daughter has begun to have auditory hallucinations. Initially diagnosed with Petit Moll seizures by her...More
Posted by necieb
Getting back to life....not so good.
Hello! Just kinda gunna talk. So I started "getting back to life" by starting classes again. I tried to...More
Posted by pandabear12212

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minor seizure during childhood
I'm 26 years old and has a history of febrile seizure when I was 4 years old due to sudden high fever. Over...More
Posted by hasliana
grand mal seizure
My son had his first seizure at age 26-he has one about every 6 months just enough to keep him from driving,...More
Posted by frazzled4
Please I need answers
Hi I have a few questions for you and I would love some answers ,my boyfriend was never diagnosed as having...More
Posted by suzanne1971
I just had a good month .
I have had a good month in January with my seizures . I have only had one regular seizure . All the rest...More
Posted by bobby4654374
Seizure Medication and Tooth Decay/Weak Enamel
I am 54 years old. When I had my third child I started having seizures that continues still to the present...More
Posted by cathywrager
My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy
My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy a few months back but has had it since she was around the age of...More
Posted by An_261043
I have a question about the rns surgery
I did have a brain surgery about 20 years ago and it did not work for me . Then later on I did have the...More
Posted by hptcgms194
Wife has seizures
Hi. This is my first post but I have been dealing with my wife's epilepsy for about ten years now. It came out...More
Posted by rgh718
Hi, I'm Shasara 25 years old women i had a seizures when i was 6 years old i have taken medication for almost...More
Posted by An_260780
Hi, I'm Shasara 25 years old women i had a seizures when i was 6 years old i have taken medication for almost...More
Posted by An_260780
Hi, I'm Shasara 25 years old women i had a seizures when i was 6 years old i have taken medication for almost...More
Posted by An_260780
3 years after epilepsy surgery
My brother had surgery around 3 years ago for his epilepsy, he had the frontal left lobe of his brain removed,...More
Posted by nere0512
Chronic Illness that hasn't been diagnosed
My husband has some type of seizure after eating almost any meal. He has been to his internal medicine,...More
Posted by rebeccajwest11
Epilepsy heriditary?
This may be a crazy? But I had never had a seizure until I was i pregnant and 28 what are the chances my...More
Posted by mskayla22
orgasmic seizures
I need to know if this needs medical attention and if so, what type of doctor needs to help me. When I reach...More
Posted by pmbcvc
Roller Coaster Ride
rant warning* Lately I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride!!! I set a timer on my phone and reset...More
Posted by pandabear12212

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I have epilepsy.
Anyone else experience what i do with having pain starting on left arm and traveling up to your shoulder and...More
Posted by kimnizzy
Seizures during relations
I've been experiencing seizures a lot during sex. It seems to happen when I'm turned on and really into it!...More
Posted by mskayla22
Seizure medicine and pregnancy
I would like to know what risk are involved when trying to get pregnant and seizure medicine is involved. I am...More
Posted by kosteen
My boyfriends seizures have changed... Please help
Hi everyone, I read posts on here a lot but haven't asked my own questions yet... So where to...More
Posted by wearpurpleforhope
Disability for seizures as an adult?
My doctor has told me to file for disability and I have my first meeting tomorrow, anyone with any input good...More
Posted by mskayla22
What is this type of seizure called?
I had a massive brain injury when I was 14, I'm 40 now. I started having grand and petit mal seizures at 16...More
Posted by An_260276
any ideas
My son has had seizures since he was 7 months old and is 80 percent deaf. He has been on several medications...More
Posted by An_260197
my dog just had a grand mal type seizure
I have 5 dogs, my youngest, Freddy just had a seizure like episode. He was jerking, and rolling around the...More
Posted by hootyowl2
chocolate & stress cause seizures?
I just had a very bad weekend,where I had 2 big seizures and possibly 1 or 2 small ones. I completely lost 4...More
Posted by An_260044
I think my ex boyfriend broke up with me because o...
I was with this amazing guy for 7months he would make funny sounds asked him he told me its sinus I believed...More
Posted by An_259966
happy halloween
Aloha, Happy Halloween from Honolulu, HI. I hope that you al have a lot of fun and get some candy...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11

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