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help what do I do?!
Aloha. Same title as a different post but a clearly different topic. THis VNS doc that I have that I...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11 son thinks he had one
My son thinks he may have had a seizure he was sleeping in the car he said he heard voices his body was...More
Posted by An_257925
Frustrated / Need Help
I was diagnosed with Epilepsy as an adult 25 years ago. The cause was a head injury that occurred when I...More
Posted by simpleneuron
Epilepsy and me
In October 2013, I woke up in a hospital, confused and not quite sure what just happened I was just told that...More
Posted by An_257849

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Still not clear on epilepsy
  • does this relate to anyone or am I absolutely mad?
  • Why am I so confused all the time
  • why at the age of 37 will I suddenly develop this
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Photo induced epilepsy
Can anyone point me into the direction of some information/research regarding the use of tinted contact...More
Posted by alanroush
Interview Request
I am a junior in college currently pursuing the rehabilitation field. As a student, I am required to...More
Posted by rehabstudent
stress sezuires
ok I am 38 yrs old have had gramole sezuires o ee but now I have sezuires every day but I do not go to the...More
Posted by An_257805
Stress & Pain Seizures
Stress & Pain Seizures Morning all I posted a ways back about having the not real type of seizures ....More
Posted by heavenlyangel

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How do we deal with out you all ? thanks for listening
  • Anyone may chat to me if you want to just feel better or be heard
  • Love reading all that is hear ,to learn from is the best ?
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KLonopin Name Brand (personal anger about this)
I have been on this as my primary seizure medication since 2001, I have just been informed by ROCHE and...More
Posted by anthonybrownii
Seizure Meds & Weight Gain
My daughter is disabled and presently on 4 seizure meds: Depakote, Keppra, and Onfi and Diastat (as...More
Posted by patriciamom
Fycompa New Medcine for Seizures
Has any one out there has started on Fycompa (Perampanel Tablets ) For partial onset seizures ? Any side...More
Posted by kathy2111
sz injuries/possible surgery
Aloha, I went to the wrist PA today and the CT CD was normal so that was good, but they had to run an...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11
feeling overwhelmed by docs that dont care
When my daughter was 18 she got out of bed and told me her head felt funny. then fell on the floor and...More
Posted by everyonesmama
Epilepsy or migraines
Hello guys thanks for the reply, you don't know how much it is appreciated. I have seen so many drs here in uk...More
Posted by billy_uk
Do I have epilepsy or migraine I'm scared? Can any...
Hi my names billy and I'm from London, uk. I was wondering if I'm alone in this because it is scaring the...More
Posted by An_257480

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Can anyone help me
  • Do I have epilepsy?
  • Do I have Migraines? Please help
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I just need to vent.
It seems like lately I just want people to leave me alone. I'm in the process of divorcing my husband and I...More
Posted by meghanc
Pregnant and a seizure?
Hi everyone... I have grand mal seizures occasionally. I had one yesterday, my third one since January. (That...More
Posted by hphilips
I have been diagnosed epileptic for nearly 9yrs now and everytime i have a seizure it scares me and im only...More
Posted by An_257455
VNS replacement
Aloha, I am going to be getting my VNS replaced, but do not know when right now. I have to go thru...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11
Will you?
I was hoping everyone will check this out and share this. I started this in Facebook hoping to get more...More
Posted by jlogefeil
ankle surgery
Aloha, After having a sz that caused me to act drunk I rolled my ankle and took 2 steps on it while it...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11
doctors that play god with epileptics and how to s...
ok,this is basically it,ive been on phenobarbital for 38 years,and its controlled my epilepsy,that is,i dont...More
Posted by An_257380
Seizures and Driving
My son who is 19 just recently had two seizures (April 29 and May18, 2014). Each time he went to an emergency...More
Posted by jopalo
Confused and Frustrated
Thirteen years ago, I had a car accident, and I shattered my windshield with my head. I never lost...More
Posted by momsa261
My 20 year old son fainted and seemed to have a seizure while at lunch yesterday. He's not had a history of...More
Posted by cas1971

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Would this cause a seizure?
Not diagnosed. When I attempt to go to sleep, my arms and legs go through about 10-15 minutes of convulsive...More
Posted by ladydeb96
happy mother's day
Aloha, Just want to wish every mom on here a very happy mother's day from Hawaii. I am coming home...More
Posted by hawiian_girl11
I need serious help
I am 41 and have just found out I have epilepsy, though not because my neurologist told me. She doesn't like...More
Posted by An_257168
Epilepsy and TTC
Hi Everyone, My husband and I are eager to start trying to conceive... A little backstory...I've had epilepsy...More
Posted by mysngs2u

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maybe not a seizure
A friend of mine had what he thought was a seizure. They could find nothing but he lost his license also. For one documented seizure. A ... More
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