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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
When I got epilepsy at the age of 14, my parents wouldn't even say the "e" word. (And my step-father was a surgeon!) I was told I would "never amount to anything" and treated like damaged goods.

Ha! I became a writer and had my own thriving freelance business for 28 years. Then after almost dying (cascading seizures, heart attack, coma, life support, the whole thing) I went into rehab where I had a lot of time to think.

I couldn't even find my keyboard for 3 months. And it took me 15 minutes to write a 2 line email. Pretty sad for a writer.

When I finally "recovered," I decided to ditch my "day job" and become a full time epilepsy advocate.

So, I'm still a writer...but one with a different focus.

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For more information, visit the Duke Health Epilepsy Center