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57 yrs. old, married 31 years, 3 grown sons (2 married, one of those in the Navy, one is about to be engaged). I have various chronic health problems and I'm on several meds for them. I'm bipolar, have fibromyalgia, have had 2 failed cervical (neck) surgeries, the first one a fusion, the second an artificial disc. Also found out quite recently that I have glaucoma, which seems to be well managed with the first eye drop the doc had me try.

I love to read and watch movies. I keep my Netflix subscription very busy. Right now I'm revisiting my young adulthood - "Woodstock" is my next movie. I'm a horror fan (since I was quite young) but I find that as I get older, the more I have to squint my eyes at gory parts - lol. Love the usual horror writers, and usually always have a book at hand.

I'm currently unemployed, although we sure could use the money. My husband Don was laid off from his job of 35 years, and is now working at a job that doesn't really even pay the bills - we've had to dip into our retirement fund. Of course, we're both under a lot of stress about that, as many people in the country are. I've been looking for a job, but with all these new doctor appointments, and not being able to drive right now, and Don's crazy schedule (5:30 am - 2 or 3 pm some days, 9 am or 2 pm until 9:30 pm other days, only Mondays off) and my other medical problems, plus the fact that I was a stay-at-home mom and don't have any current skills, there aren't many jobs available for someone with those restrictions.\

Enough of the whining!. I enjoy walking, nice spring/summer days outside with my dog, who's 11 years old :( , gardening (love tomatoes and have quite a few planters I fill with flowers - and hope they look good and don't die ;) ). I like to go to forest preserves and enjoy nature, love it when my boys come to visit (2 live very close, my Navy son was just transferred to Virginia, so we visit by phone, email or Facebook). No grandchildren yet, probably not in the near future, but 6 "grandkitties" and 2 "grandpuppies").

I love to get on Facebook and chat with my "friends" and I have only one game I enjoy. I enjoy rainy days, just not thunderstorms. I love holidays where family gets together.

Can't think of anything else interesting, so I guess those are the main points of my life.

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