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Numb Penis?
I often think of numbness like when you're leg falls asleep and it feels like millions of needles pricking the...More
Posted by hawkhq
Urine Pressure
I'm really concerned, Idk why this is happening. When I pee, I feel the pressure at the tip of the penis and...More
Posted by An_260500
How to Get Rid of Cellulite Nutra Tosterone
Nutra Tosterone Cellulite is a really common eudaimonia problem in almost 90% of women worldwide. It is...More
Posted by asdefr12
Fast Sciatic Nerve Treatment Nutra Tosterone
Nutra Tosterone Living with sciatic brace feeling is no sluttish accomplishment. There is nix unlobed near...More
Posted by asdefr12
Cialis, Erection Stiffness & Nocturnal Erections
I'm a 30 year old former smoker of cigarettes and marijuana. I stopped smoking cigarettes 10 years ago and...More
Posted by An_260563
Penile implant?
Hi, I've run the gambit of pills, creams, injections etc. and I finally am ready to call it quits as nothing...More
Posted by molsoncree
Do I have ED?
I'm only 20 and I'm healthy gay man. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I exercise pretty frequently. I had a...More
Posted by An_260500
Penis Injury
So I believe I injured my penis. Two months ago I was having sex and the guy bent my penis downwards a little...More
Posted by An_260500
I am thinking of going to a clinic and getting these ED injections; has anyone done this; I'm alittle...More
Posted by An_260476
blood in the semen vs sperm cells
I have a question: does the blood in the semen affect the sperm cell to prevent them from reproducing? More
Posted by joedevalles
Cortisone and Erectile Dysfunction
I recently received a Cortisone shot for Arthritic Degenerative Lumbar Stenosis....the shot worked for the...More
Posted by parlato1
bloodflow issue to genital area
I've had a mechanical valve and artificial aorta put in. I also have a pacemaker. Penis and related area feels...More
Posted by rj410
cumadin/warfarin with Viagra. Need Dr advice
I do nit know if I have pulmonary hypertension. But here is what I do have.... I take Cumadin or warfarin...More
Posted by rj410
laying in bed and tip of penis is hurting to the p...
I am 24 and very sexually active. I have had over 60+ partners mostly unprotected sex. I recently had been...More
Posted by anthrax
Slowly losing feeling in penis
Hello, I have been slowly losing feeling in penis. it started out 6 months ago when I lost the feeling in the...More
Posted by amerson
How to find a right massage therapist in Ontario ?
I know it is very difficult to find a recognized massage therapist in Ontario. But I am really in bad...More
Posted by lindacanada
Boosting nitric oxide and vasodilation.
My primary goal is athleticism, as we all know, good circulation is a major asset to any athlete. I'm...More
Posted by lumberjakdarrel
Balanitis/penile cancer?
Hi I'm an uncircumcised male. I would like to find out whether balanitis, caused by the build up of smegma,...More
Posted by An_259983
Halloween Sensuous Fantasy
I delight in my gf, dressed in black latex costume, with of course, black thigh-hi stiletto boots, arousing...More
Posted by An_254668

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My husband has ED
Please help. My husband has ed. At first he tried to convince me that the problem was me. He told me that I just...More
Posted by an1007
My husband has ED
Please help. My husband has ed. At first he tried to convince me that the problem was me. He told me that I just...More
Posted by an1007
Penis Numbness and Lidocaine
Hi, i have been using a desensitising spray (about 15 times of one spray each time) on my penis before sex....More
Posted by An_259766
D.V. Saharan And Son
Army Uniforms India | Military Pullovers | Peak Caps D.V. SHAHARAN & SON IS INDIA'S...More
Posted by officechadd
Erectile Dysfunction
Hi everyone one, my search for answers to my problems has led mr to this site, i am a 25 years old who got...More
Posted by An_259652

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my husband has ed
feel ashamed but i do, my husband has ed and i try very hard to get it hard and i get so frustrated that i get upset and and roll over and ... More
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