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All antidepressants interfere with a man's sex drive as well as the ability to...More
Reply: Scar Tissue Problem
Yes I have seen examples where the scar can in fact impact on your ability to...More
Reply: Pain during ejaculation
You have a complex situation, and it could be from a number of things. The...More
Reply: Post inguinal hernia surgery: pain in testicle / v...
My guess is that the vas was possibly injured or damaged in the hernia repair or...More
Reply: Stomach pain and erection
Not sure from the information you provide. I can tell you that you do need to see...More
Reply: Need help!!!!!!
Weight can play a huge role in sex drive for men, as it raises his estrogen...More
Reply: Smaller Penises vs. Larger Penises
The responses below say it best. It is not the size of the oar but the motion in...More
Reply: Unusual Masturbation Habits
Sounds like you have conditioned yourself to achieve orgasm in a way that makes...More
Reply: Causes And Risk Factors Of Erectile Dysfunction
Most of the responses are good below. ED is a symptom of a problem and not the...More
Reply: Blood in my sperm
Blood in the semen is considered nothing to worry about...but if it is lasting...More