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Reply: A question regarding Blood in Urine and Semen
Blood in the urine needs to be seen by a urologist. Though it may be nothing, it...More
Reply: blood coming out of penis head following injection
He probably injected too deep into the urethra. It should heal fine with time....More
Reply: Too Many Meds?
Yes, those meds are well known to mess with erections. Narcotics can cause ED as...More
Reply: Urologists and Erectile Dysfunction
Most should do a basic work up- ED as you know is a symptom of a problem and not...More
Reply: ED and pre mature ejaculation
ED is not a problem but a symptom of something that causes ED- this needs to be...More
Reply: Need help!!!!!!
the vast majority of young men diagnosed with low T are incorrectly put on...More
Reply: Problem maintaining an erection during intercourse
It may be a function of contact and stimulation, so suggest look at different...More
Blood pressure meds cause ED by impacting on the brain and by lowering the...More
Reply: Un developed Genitals
This is a tough situation. If he truly has small genitals then there may be some...More
Reply: ED and Raynauds Disease
Glad you are better. I have heard that Ginseng may help as can Ginkgo. also...More