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Reply: Lithrotripsy and Stent Side Effects
Narcotics can definitely screw with erections, as can stress, fatigue, anxiety,...More
Reply: ED and Raynauds Disease
ED is in most doctor's mind not the problem but rather a symptom of something...More
Reply: Post inguinal hernia surgery erection pain
This can be from inflammation from the hernia that can generalize out to adjacent...More
Reply: Penile tendon tightened by inguinal hernia repair
This should get better with time as the inflammation slowly resolves - but it can...More
Reply: Natural solution for ED?
Thank you. Always smart to know what you are treating and why. Just throwing...More
Reply: use of 20mg cialis
Do not assume if one is good 2 is better. That can be dangerous. Sometimes the...More
Reply: psychological ED
Bet it has some underlying physical cause, as it often does. Here is a portion...More
Reply: Natural solution for ED?
Here is my response to another similar question. Natural does not mean safe or...More
Reply: I am dealing with my husbands ED
Once again as with my answers with other posts, please please before you start...More
Reply: loss of feeling in my penis
First and foremost you should see a neurologist, the only specialty that deals...More