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Reply: whats wrong with me
One of the most common causes for new onset ED issues is stress and anxiety as...More
Reply: ED after stopping SSRI's
Throwing testosterone at someone without full work-up is not right. Yes, he does...More
Reply: Not sure where to post this but,maybe possible ED?
Before you start throwing various supplements and hormones at him he does need a...More
Reply: Change in semen
Semen does indeed change with age and also with diet, nutrition, level of...More
Reply: non-trauma causes for suspensory ligament weakenin...
Interesting idea as as men get older their erections are not held as tight- but I...More
Reply: Blood in semen!!
Blood in the semen (hematospermia) is something that happens and is not bad or...More
Reply: Is it Okay to not ejaculate on a regular basis?
In general, though I cannot quote any specific article it is usually healthier to...More
Reply: Is it Okay to not ejaculate on a regular basis?
You need to see a urologist, ideally an ED specialist as chances are all this can...More
Reply: Inguinal Hernia causing ED
There is no cause and effect with a hernia and ED. Same neighborhood, different...More
Reply: Bent erection
It is called Peyronie's plaque and we really don't understand the cause. It can...More