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I have been experiencing a loss of sensation in my groin area for years. It seems to get worse when I get in car...More
Posted by rrrob
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butte itch along the crack
have had this for years off and on. i fix it with genx hand snitizer. it burs like hell at first but it is a...More
Posted by cobrautah
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please answer this question
my penis was not eriction while i am sleeping from 5 days ,please rply this answer,
Posted by rajsekhar
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Free sample of Viagra(Sildenafil Citrate) Hurry!!! is giving away FREE samples of drugs, for this Independence Day. There are...More
Posted by robertirwing
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my Husband has ed..His Dr.Gave Him 100mg of Viagra..Eb even the Viagra is Not Giving Him an Erection..Can He...More
Posted by ohana1957
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In case you are not aware, your man most likely IS horny even if he can't easily get an erection! That's...More
Posted by Anon_6023
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Help with porn ed recovery
Hello i am sure to have porn ed as i have taken the test with masturbation with and without porn. I need some...More
Posted by An_251460
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Penile numbness / ED
I just wanted to post my experience in hopes that it could help somebody. I've been suffering from a gradual...More
Posted by uuufff
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How to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunctio...
Many men suffer the problem affect the overall private and social lives, and many of them shy about...More
Posted by surveywords
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Hi, First of all if you are taking Alcohol or tobacco leave it, It may be the cause of your problems.....More
Posted by An_250835
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ED is not due to loss of libido or attraction to y...
You need to make your partner understand that the absence of spontaneous sex due to ED doesn't mean you're...More
Posted by PeterPanther
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Have you discussed pregnancy ? is it possible that subconciously he might be holding back ejaculation for...More
Posted by An_249398
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Penile sensitivity and diabetes
If you are losing sensitivity or have tingling anywhere you should get checked for diabetes. High blood sugar is...More
Posted by Andyy
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No ED, just cant climax
Im 52 yo healthy male. I have started using Viagra to help my erection. However, I have a hard time feeling...More
Posted by An_247294
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Anal Burning
Bile Acid sequestrants . Chlorestramine for oral suspension. Should clear-up some peoples itch. But...More
Posted by Soylentgreen1967
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Posted by An_243848
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Pinched nerves. I also lost some feeling in my dick when I was sitting playing guitar and twisting my hips in...More
Posted by An_243674
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So I have been having this trouble since i was about 15. Im 30 now. I must say this is NOT a UTI or STD. I...More
Posted by superpunx
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Radiation 30 Years Later
Not one of the five physicians who recommended radiation to treat my prostate cancer warned me that decades...More
Posted by An_243118
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Get informed...there's a lot to learn...
I have the Titan OTR surgery 10/7/11.....and did not get a lot of practical info up front...I've been upset...More
Posted by Bionicguy
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Kindly Help me to find out the right doctor and ri...
Dear Sir/Madam Iam suffering from below symptoms from past 4.5 yrs 1. After wake up from bed at early...More
Posted by An_241435
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Drink lots of water
Ive been going thru the same thing for several years now. I dont need to be drunk (maybe drink 2 beers) for this...More
Posted by Flako
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Radiation 30 Years Later
Not one of the five physicians who recommended radiation to treat my prostate cancer warned me that decades later it could result in ED. Be ... More
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