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Reply: Eye Flashes and Floaters
I was watching TV when all of a sudden I had the affect or feeling like I had just looked into a flash...More
Posted by BubbaBoomer
VYDOX medically proven solution to help improve
VYDOX medically proven solution to help improve the practice of the presentation. It is absorbed quickly...More
Posted by labtinabar
Is it astigmatism?
My son is 24 yrs old. He has been suffering from painful eyes for quite some time, in fact since he finished...More
Posted by An_264020
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Reply: See single dot as complete circle!
Thanks for your reply, I appreciated it too much. I appreciated also that you think it is not harmful although...More
Posted by med7at
Reply: Is this normal (Read the Text)
An unusual question. Probably normal. Likely that by forcing your eyes to focus at a target near...More
Reply: Headaches, Blurry Vision
Headaches are not likely related to cataract lens replacements. Rotation of an implant is only of...More
Reply: Eye tear
The "pink eye" conjunctivitis may be related to a systemic infection eg. cold, upper respiratory...More

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Reply: Monovision
This would not likely be a good simulation of monovision. Your native nearsightedness may likely...More
Reply: One pupil dilated after eye examination?
Bet you that both pupils have returned to normal by now. Remote chance that one pupil was dilated...More
Reply: Haze over contact lens
Please be a detective and determine whether any chemical or cosmetic or care regimen or..... is...More
Reply: Vision problem related to other health issues?
It seems that you are bothered by headaches and reversible vision changes, perhaps related to...More
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Reply: Cannot see when looking through a hole without clo...
Thank you so much for your reply! I will definitely schedule an eye exam as soon as I can. It is nice to...More
Posted by silverfox24
Reply: My vision just went slanted...
Your mother needs to see the ophthalmologist if vision is distorted (or tilted). This may be an...More
Reply: Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
With amblyopia (lazy eye), the lifelong situation of better eyesight in one eye than the other with...More
Hi my right eye keeps twitching and I keep getting a popping feeling in the right side of my glad is this...More
Posted by An_263188
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Reply: 2 years of no T.V, Computer or Cell Phone and at a...
How do you think they can help? My life was going pretty smoothly till this happened honestly and it's the...More
Posted by eddylier
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Reply: Hit in eye
Thanks Doctor, I went and saw my doctor this morning before I saw your reply. He checked my eye and took...More
Posted by An_262975
Reply: Eye Pain after Trauma
You had a pretty big blow to your eye. Apparently it was enough to have caused bleeding and retinal...More
Reply: Cat scratch fever neuro retinitis
It sounds like your daughter's doctors are diligently investigating the condition and helping her....More
Reply: vertical differences when closing one eye, then th...
Sounds like a minor "alignment" issue of your eyes. Very common. Eye are sometimes not perfectly...More
Reply: Problem after lesion removal
Unlikely to be an allergic reaction to the anesthesia and these are not the symptoms of a blocked...More
Can't keep eyes shut
Someone please this is the first time this happened. I was laying down trying to go to sleep well 6...More
Posted by bertinn
Problem after lesion removal
A week ago I had anesthesia before removal of a small cyst from the corner of my eyelid. The "fullness" and...More
Posted by prescottgal
Problem after lesion removal
A week ago I had anesthesia before removal of a small cyst from the corner of my eyelid. The "fullness" and...More
Posted by prescottgal
Is this normal (Read the Text)
I have a question: Is this normal? I can make with my eyes, that I see everything blurred. So normally i see...More
Posted by leeye
My experience during Blepharoplasty surgery
I would like to share my experience of Blepharoplasty. I had the surgery done almost a year ago and I...More
Posted by carybailey11965
Reply: Is it possible to have a reaction to drops given f...
It is likely that the dizzy, lightheaded, sweaty symptoms are a "vagal" reaction. It can actually...More
Reply: Blurry spot after close up work
As long as your doctor has assured that the distance part of your eyeglass prescription is correct...More
Reply: Dry eyes
Improvement with dry eye symptoms like scratchy and gritty sensation should occur within a few days...More
Reply: 6 months post lasik extreme chronic eye pain!
This is way, way, way too complicated and unusual to try to answer via an online forum. Suffice...More

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Alan Kozarsky, MD, is one of the leading corneal, cataract, and vision correction specialists in the country and was selected again this year by Atla...More

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blurry eyes
sometimes I experience blurred eyesight and shaking of my lower eye. do I have astigmatism and do I need to go to an eye doctor? More
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