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Reply: Hole in Retina
The answer is unrelated to night or color blindness. The question is whether you have a retinal...More
Reply: prosteyic eye
Not a scam!!! The eye surgeon does the eye removal (enucleation) and makes preparations for the...More
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Reply: upper left corner of left eye "bloodshot"
I just looked at some of the pictures of pterygium and pinquecula. Mine isn't affecting my pupil, it's only...More
Posted by sonofahero
Reply: Eye
Drooping of the eyelid (ptosis) can be caused by a neurological or muscular problem which luckily...More
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Fuzzyness of the dots on both eyes
I've sometimes been told it's because I don't have enough calories and it's not enough circulations into my...More
Posted by szopen472
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Reply: Eye floaters
Hi midnitefox, Here is an answer to your question from WebMD Answers : "Most eye floaters decrease...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Posterior Vitreous Detachment with retinal tears
You have already done a great job in taking care of your vision!! Your floaters were a warning...More
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Reply: Was it really cataracts?
Continue flow water from one eye is a sign of cataracts?
Posted by stellagonzalez
Reply: Flashes of light left eye
New flashes of light in one eye certainly earn you an expedited visit to the ophthalmologist. The...More
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Reply: Restricted movement of eyeball
Thank you. Two ophthalmologists have expressed the exact same opinion as you. However, the neurologist I...More
Posted by naomistevenett
Reply: bump on bottom right eye
Agree with Atti, this is likely a chalazion (stye). More information at: ...More
Reply: Swelling under eye
This looks like a stye (chalazion) involving your left lower eyelid. It represents a clogged skin...More
Reply: Inner half of right eye red (5th day)
A very red eye (localized hemorrhage) with zero discomfort may be a subconjunctival hemorrhage and...More
Reply: Operation of the Eye
A very complicated posting with many embedded questions. See below: I have had some problems of my...More
Reply: New progressive lenses. Distance is blurry beyon...
I am sure that, assuming no eye problem other than needing glasses, you can find satisfactory...More
Reply: elevated eye pressure pain.
Glad that you are getting the necessary care.
Reply: LASIK already done..Again myopic..worried..Please ...
As previously stated, you need a comprehensive eye examination by an ophthalmologist specifically...More
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Reply: Blepharitis
Cool. The hydrocortisone works great and almost immediately. I bought a tube of 1% for a dollar. Just a very...More
Posted by mrquigley
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Reply: Dark Circles Under Both Eyes
Thanks for your suggestion Alan, it is really helpful...
Posted by stellagonzalez
sudden tilted vision spasm
im 16 years old and i was driving, and all of a sudden i feel this pressure in my head and my vision went...More
Posted by An_255706
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Reply: Lipiflow
Thank you for your reply Dr. Kozarsky! Now I will proceed with my appointment to have this treatment done!...More
Posted by commandosmom
Reply: Rheumatoid issues + glaucoma
Sorry that you are having all of these medical issues. The possible connections between the...More
Problem with Eye Floaters
I had a similar problem. I checked with my doctor and learned there wasn't really much to be done about it....More
Posted by tommyknots
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Reply: Blood bumps on eye due to pink eye
The photo is out of focus but there are certainly raised areas. This might just be "pink eye"...More
Reply: eye pain
There are many possibilities for combined eye discomfort and decreased vision however there are...More
Reply: Blurry Vision
Sorry that you are having problems. In general, any new loss of vision especially if dramatic...More
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Reply: spots
should i have it checked right away if it makes things darker, my eye feels dry light seems to bother it and...More
Posted by nvaala19
Reply: Auralgan ear drops for eyes?
probably no damage done but please stop using ear products and products with numbing agents...More
Was it really cataracts?
I'm 59. I've known for at least 10 years that I've had cataracts. I've seen halos and rays coming off lights....More
Posted by An_255447

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Alan Kozarsky, MD, is one of the leading corneal, cataract, and vision correction specialists in the country and was selected again this year by Atla...More

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Tips to fight eye puffiness
Here are tips that you may find it useful to get rid puffy eyes . Watch your alcohol intake. Becaue it can cause yes bloated if you ... More
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