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Reply: OCT interpretation ?
This looks like a fairly normal scan of the macular area of a retina. I am not a retina specialist...More
Reply: Recent Eye Doctor Visit Question
The description of "retinal nerves too close together" is not a description that suggests any...More
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Reply: Camera flash went off in my face
Any ideas on why my eyes seem sensitive to the sun now? I do have blue eyes. My eyes weren't sensitive...More
Posted by shutterbugmatt
Reply: Seeing lines perpendicular through lights/headligh...
There is something about your visual system that is now scattering light rather than focusing it...More
Reply: Big change in the axis of cylindrical power of the...
First, this is a fairly small amount of astigmatism correction. Second, there a two ways or...More
Reply: My eye
There is really no way to treat without a diagnosis. Misalignment of the eyes always needs an...More
Painful eye = needs medical attention. No other suggestion is a safe one. "Foreign body...More
Reply: Can eye drops affect blood sugar levels?
It is extremely unlikely that the postoperative eyedrops are the cause of your increase blood sugar...More
Reply: Pain behind the eye when lying down.
Dry eye discomfort is usually described as "sandy, burning, foreign body sensation, etc" Not deep...More
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Reply: Chronic eyelid blisters
Glad to hear that you have found some answers, and I hope that you will now be able to find some relief!
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: My Papers look warped
Distortion of shape has multiple possible causes. These include serious issues such as retinal...More
Reply: seeing neon colored geometrical shapes and pattern...
There are multiple possibilities for your visual issue. If the shapes and patterns occur in...More
Reply: Question about ethics of an aspect of an eye exam
You took your child to a pediatric ophthalmologist and dilation is a requirement for the exam. The...More

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Should the doctor have told me that he was going to dilate my daughter's eyes prior to doing so (I was in the room)?
Reply: corneal transplant
You will need to have more discussion with the ophthalmologist taking care of this person. An...More
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Includes Expert Content
Reply: blurred vision
wear tri-focals but I am going to see my opthalmoligist More
Posted by cheechmom
Reply: Chromic watery eyes
You are not likely to solve your watery eye issue on an internet forum. An eye doctor visit is in...More
Reply: LED Screens
There is NO evidence that any permanent eye damage can occur as a result of viewing computer...More
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Reply: Iris Nevi or Sectoral Heterochromia?
Looks like (assuming that the linked photo is your eye) sector heterochromia of the iris. It is...More
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Reply: Why does my left eye get blurry when I wear contac...
Doctor Kozarsky, thanks so much for your reply. Just your words 'it could be as simple as' gives me some...More
Posted by emcanloikhuyen
Reply: Spider Venom in eye
Any persisting eye irritation is a very good reason for an expedited appointment with an...More
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Reply: Seeing pink instead of white and eeing kelly green...
Please give some examples of systemic and eye conditions that could possibly be the culprites
Posted by jonagilly
Color Visiio n Canges
I am disappointed no one has responded , today it was kelly green purple and yellow
Posted by jonagilly
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Reply: Vision Headaches
Thank you so much for your response Dr. Kozarsky. You are correct, it is more of a severe fatigue I'm...More
Posted by georgeduroy
Seeing pink instead of white and eeing kelly green...
What can cause color changes in vision related to black and white. Black changes to kelly green and white...More
Posted by jonagilly
Seeing pink instead of white and eeing kelly green...
What can cause color changes in vision related to black and white. Black changes to kelly green and white...More
Posted by jonagilly
Feels like something in my eye, CAN'T open or blin...
For about a month, every so often when I wake up. my left eye is burning and feeling like I have something...More
Posted by An_257698
Reply: Question: Migraines and slanted vision.
A very scary episode! Because you have had migraine headaches before, because the visual aura...More
Reply: Question regarding eye drops
If your ophthalmologist believes that your eyes are dry and that is a significant underlying cause...More

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Alan Kozarsky, MD, is one of the leading corneal, cataract, and vision correction specialists in the country and was selected again this year by Atla...More

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blurry eyes
sometimes I experience blurred eyesight and shaking of my lower eye. do I have astigmatism and do I need to go to an eye doctor? More
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