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Reply: Question About the Eye Pressure Device
We share your concern about spreading infection when we check eye pressure (glaucoma) during an eye...More
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Reply: Blob in Eye
Alright. Yeah she's decided to see a doctor about it. Thank you for the reply doc.
Posted by jeremyf
Reply: Uveitis and Glaucoma
You can speak to your ophthalmologist about the use of a scleral shell in the eye with no vision...More

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Does anyone worry about the appearance of their eyes?
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Reply: How Should I Explain to my Eye Doctor if this Pees...
He gave me drops for inflammation because I have rash looking thing once they flip my eyelid on that eye...More
Posted by viciouzbarbie
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Reply: My vision just went slanted...
Do you still feel this way?
Posted by slantedgrace
Reply: Problem after lesion removal
I had a friend who had a similar problem.
Posted by alonecent
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Reply: Cat scratch fever neuro retinitis
What are the symptoms of Pallipodimea?
Posted by alonecent
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Reply: Vision problem related to other health issues?
I hope you feel better. More
Posted by alonecent
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Reply: One pupil dilated after eye examination?
I agree with the doc.
Posted by alonecent
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Reply: Haze over contact lens
I will tell my mom this info.
Posted by alonecent
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Reply: Pimples on eyelid or?
I got a friend whit that so this will help.
Posted by alonecent
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Reply: tilted vision blurry vision
What is tilted vision blurry vision?
Posted by alonecent
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Reply: Dry Eye?
Probably not related to your nearsightedness, floaters or dry eyes. Discomfort in one eye during...More
Reply: Intense itch left eye, not contact related! Help!
I'm not so sure your symptoms are not contact lens related. You have been abusing your contact...More
Reply: Is it astigmatism?
Unusual for a young man to have persisting eye discomfort. Not likely astigmatism. An eye doctor...More
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Reply: Eye Flashes and Floaters
I think that the best thing that you can do (especially if these flashes of light and floaters continue to...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: See single dot as complete circle!
Thanks for your reply, I appreciated it too much. I appreciated also that you think it is not harmful although...More
Posted by med7at
Reply: Is this normal (Read the Text)
An unusual question. Probably normal. Likely that by forcing your eyes to focus at a target near...More
Reply: Headaches, Blurry Vision
Headaches are not likely related to cataract lens replacements. Rotation of an implant is only of...More
Reply: Eye tear
The "pink eye" conjunctivitis may be related to a systemic infection eg. cold, upper respiratory...More

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Do I need to see a doctor right away?
Reply: Monovision
This would not likely be a good simulation of monovision. Your native nearsightedness may likely...More
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Reply: Cannot see when looking through a hole without clo...
Thank you so much for your reply! I will definitely schedule an eye exam as soon as I can. It is nice to...More
Posted by silverfox24
Reply: Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)
With amblyopia (lazy eye), the lifelong situation of better eyesight in one eye than the other with...More
Hi my right eye keeps twitching and I keep getting a popping feeling in the right side of my glad is this...More
Posted by An_263188
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Reply: Hit in eye
Thanks Doctor, I went and saw my doctor this morning before I saw your reply. He checked my eye and took...More
Posted by An_262975
Reply: Eye Pain after Trauma
You had a pretty big blow to your eye. Apparently it was enough to have caused bleeding and retinal...More

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Alan Kozarsky, MD, is one of the leading corneal, cataract, and vision correction specialists in the country and was selected again this year by Atla...More

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blurry eyes
sometimes I experience blurred eyesight and shaking of my lower eye. do I have astigmatism and do I need to go to an eye doctor? More
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