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Drifting eye
Hi, my name is Laitesha, and I had a quick question. When I drink alcohol my right eye starts to drift into...More
Posted by ljones6920
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Reply: Sever Headaches daily after Orbital Blowout
I completely know the extent of his injury. He has a titanium plate underneath the eye. The pain stems from...More
Posted by kruck15
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Reply: Dry to wet MSD
Thank you Dr. Alan! Since I was never aware of signs of dry AMD, I didn't react to symptoms until it was too...More
Posted by mikef508
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Reply: Dry eye that affects my cornea.
I have the exact same symptoms, only in my right eye. I recently visited my ophthalmologist and he said that...More
Posted by An_261587
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Reply: Episcleritis due to computer games
Hi Alan, Very interesting. I shall seek another opinion ASAP. I'll also do my best to report back with the...More
Posted by obscu
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Reply: Monovision
"Remember, with monovison you can still wear distance glasses which have a clear lens for your distance...More
Posted by leonicholson
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Reply: Safety pin poked in eye
Thank you. I went to an ophthalmologist, and she stated that my eyes are fine, but a little
Posted by curiouskaykay
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Reply: Temporary circular blurry vision in one eye.
I used to experience blurred vision. I don't any longer after I had a PFO closure device fitted in my heart...More
Posted by bkelly95
Reply: Pediatric IOL - is myosis normal?
Is the pupil dilated (mydriasis) or very small (myosis)? Cyclopentolate is a dilation drop with...More
Reply: Does anyone know what this is
From your description there is no way to definitely know your diagnosis or guide treatment....More
Reply: Amblyopia and Strabismus treatment
Let's remember that detecting amblyopic (lazy) eyes in young children and treatment by providing...More

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Reply: Questions about: Reduced near vision after laser c...
Yes, the ability to read (focus at near distance, accommodation) can decrease after laser treatment...More
When is eye twitching more than just annoying.
I have a strange eye issue that I'm unsure of what kind of doctor to even go see. Three weeks ago my...More
Posted by nighttimestudios
Astigmatism and close up work
I have the below eye prescription: Right Eye -1, astigmatism -1, 065 axis left eye is -.25, astigmatism...More
Posted by haawad
Reply: Eye Pain
Sorry that you are having discomfort. Your symptoms are not really typical for any particular...More
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Reply: Pupil dilated
Thank you Dr. Kozarsky for you reply. What are the possible side efforts of the surgical repair of the pupil?
Posted by carolwoo
Reply: Retina health- detached - multiple tears- just sto...
You are to be commended on your increasing dedication to a healthy lifestyle. There is no doubt...More
Reply: Eye pain and pressure with no redness or vison los...
TMJ commonly causes eye problems, especially pain / pressure / strain and dry eye. It can also cause blurred...More
Posted by canne12
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Reply: My vision just went slanted...
I started having splint therapy for TMJ and as soon as I got my split my vision went slanted. It has not yet...More
Posted by canne12
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Includes Expert Content
Reply: My eye is oozing stuff and getting swollen
Well, I'm not so sure that you don't have pinkeye (conjunctivitis). The clues include the mucus...More
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Reply: Retinal Pigment Epithelial Detachment
Hi. I had laser surgery that helped to improve my vision in my right eye. The laser surgery was needed because...More
Posted by mmkbmom
Reply: Glowing iris' with black light exposure
Also no cataracts or anything like that.
Posted by faeight
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Reply: Eyes losing focus when reading
Hi there, Alan you're absolutely right. I was having the same problem a few weeks ago I went to see the...More
Posted by amylablle1
Reply: HELP: Sweet odor emanating from contact lens case
Any kind of odor from your contact lens case cannot be a good thing. Contact lens cases should be...More
Reply: Contact lens
A contact lens can never get inside the eye but it can slide to a position (usually under the upper...More
Reply: Is it really amblyopia
There seems to be two unanswered questions: 1. Do you have amblyopia? Amblyopia is a condition in...More
Reply: Astigmatism
Headaches and light sensitivity are not likely related to astigmatism. Astigmatism usually causes...More
traumatic mydriasis
what kind of compications does fake iris implantation can cause to my eye ?[br>my doctor performed...More
Posted by An_259283

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Alan Kozarsky, MD, is one of the leading corneal, cataract, and vision correction specialists in the country and was selected again this year by Atla...More

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traumatic mydriasis
[br>Well , are second corneal transplantation surgery and fake iris implantation surgery performed simultaniously or separately ? ... More
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