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Pink Eye/Eye Damage??
About a month ago I developed a severe case of conjunctivitis, right eye was completely red, tearing, left...More
Posted by sgthappy73
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Convergence Insufficiency
My son was diagnosed with CI during routine eye exam. I had a 2nd opinion with pediatric ophthalmologist...More
Posted by Anon_138261
Convergence Insufficiency
My son was diagnosed with CI during routine eye exam. I had a 2nd opinion with pediatric ophthalmologist...More
Posted by Anon_138261
Includes Expert Content
only one eye losing sight
Sorry I have another questions. what would cause one eye to have blackness over the entire eye, or the corner of...More
Posted by gailci
Includes Expert Content
could toxin mold damage your eyes?
A quick question, if you are in a wet/hot environment (apartment had a fire 2 floors of water leaving 3" of...More
Posted by Anon_6664
Includes Expert Content
Halos,starbursts after Lasik
Hello. Its been 1 month since my Lasik surgery.I am experiencing halos around images[in dim light/night> and...More
Posted by manojn
Includes Expert Content
lingering problem from a stye.
I had a severe eye stye on my upper eyelid almost 2 weeks ago. My entire eye was swollen shut. I went to the...More
Posted by whompadpg
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sight dramatically changed over night!
I have needed reading glasses for 20 years and have been able to see distance very well. As of four days...More
Posted by loismarywatts
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Opposite prescriptions for glasses and contacts
My contact prescription is: Sphere: +0.75, Cyl: -1.50, Axis: 90 My glasses prescription is: Sphere:...More
Posted by nessamorris
Includes Expert Content
Headaches when reading on computer screen
Hi, I'm sure this topic has been discussed repeatedly so apologies for any duplication; I haven't yet found...More
Posted by An_254143
Includes Expert Content
Vision after Lasik
Hi I had Advanced Customvuew Lasik 3 weeks back. I have 6/5 vision now. The problem is, the vision is perfect...More
Posted by manojn
Includes Expert Content
activities after laser photocoagulation
I just had this procedure done yesterday to repair 2 small tears. The Dr. said I shouldn't engage in...More
Posted by memphissole
Includes Expert Content
Right side of my face has been hurting
Well I have been having this problem with my right eye for maybe like 5 months or even longer.. My right eye...More
Posted by An_254072
Includes Expert Content
Very red eye, diagnosed Viral Conjunctivitis
I'm a 28 yr old male. I have dealt with conjunctivitis in my right eye for about 7 days. Toward the beginning...More
Posted by kidcider3
Includes Expert Content
Could my job be effecting my eyes?
I was born with Amblyoplia in my left eye. At age 18 I became a Nail Technician. The Acrylic Liquid has...More
Posted by An_253917
Retinal scarring with seeing a triangle
I am a 55 year old diabetic woman with CAD. I have a history of retinal scarring for the past three years....More
Posted by bethyt19
lesions of the macula in a teen
My daughter has macular lesions in both eyes. She is 17, the doctor was unsure what caused them but said that...More
Posted by An_253785
is my urine bloody??
is my urine bloody?? i just woke up this morning and peed and here's what my pee looks like ...More
Posted by happyone111
Includes Expert Content
Pink Eye Or ?
24 y.o. male in the household had pink eye, was treated and had almost avoided anyone else catching it. I am a 19...More
Posted by CS_DJ
Includes Expert Content
I had cataract surgery in June and July and have had swelling in my face and eyes ever since. On my last...More
Posted by BREN34748
my eye sight is going bad
I was wanting to know if when your eye sight starts going bad if it makes you freak out more when you have...More
Posted by poeticmom
Timing of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Injecti...
My mother, who has AMD, went to see her retinal specialist in Texas today, 9-13-13. She normally gets an...More
Posted by NotShyPat
Cataract surgery didn't improve vision
My mother had cataract surgery a couple of months ago. Prior to surgery, she'd been experiencing blurred...More
Posted by OttoPaulson
Legally blind in one eye, how to improve muscle to...
At about six years old, it was determined that I had been born blind in one eye. They said that this was due...More
Posted by Yodergoat
Please help! Stye or chalazion? URGENT.
I am a 23 year old female with no major health issues. I wear both glasses and contacts but over the past...More
Posted by theXallie
Extraocular Muscle Actions
So I've got a bit of a problem with my right eye. I wen't surfing about 3 days ago, I wore my contact lenses...More
Posted by letyshik
Epiretinal Membrane Disease (Macular pucker)
I have been diagnosed with epiretinal membrane disease and am awaiting my pre-op visit with my retinal...More
Posted by blipa
Does a nystagmus affect reading/writing
My son is 6 yrs old. He was diagnosed with a congenital nystagmus at about 6 or 9 months old. He has worn...More
Posted by jenngordon
my kitten scratched my eye in the white area close...
will rose water and honey prevent infections
Posted by haider300
o.O X) > 0:)More
Posted by mardee

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