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Eye Flashes?
My 4yr old says he sees colored flashes all the time. Pediatrician and Ophthamologist say he's fine. Any...More
Posted by An_253369
pale cornea
I'm a 44 year old female and my eye Dr has said my Corneas are pale he is concerned but can't tell me what...More
Posted by brittgirl68
Conjunctivitis? but super red and some pain
Hello, I am a 23 year old male that is experiencing a very horrible conjunctivitis. I went to the doctors two...More
Posted by ajb713

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Reading glasses causing further deterioration?
I do a LOT of reading in my job (and occasionally, when I find the time, a decent novel for pleasure as well)....More
Posted by prrprr
nerves in eye
My 12 year old son has been having trouble seeing in his right eye. I took him to the eye doctor and found...More
Posted by An_253039
why are the whites of my daughters eyes blue tinte...
My daughter is 16 and around the iris is a blue tinted ring that extend from the colored part of her eye out...More
Posted by TME321
Angled Vision
I just got new trifocal progressive glasses and I am having trouble seeing through the bottom of the...More
Posted by lemonberrymom
Eye pain and pressure with no redness or vison los...
My right eye has been experiencing pain and discomfort the past few days. I have a slight astigmatism in my...More
Posted by MeiKeehl
Did I damage my eye by getting smoke in it?
I was smoking a cigar, which I do once in a blue moon. When I was smoking it, after I exhaled the smoke it...More
Posted by scarface94
Contact Lenses
What is the best brand to use if you wear Contacts, if you have dry eys?
Posted by hazelodom
46 yr old female diagnosed with punder my pink eye
there is a lump on the inside of my left eyes it almost looks like a big pimple or cyst..i went to a walk in...More
Posted by An_252786
How long should wait after Lasek Surgery for Radio...
My daughter is thinking about getting eye laser surgery but also need to get radioactive iodine treatment...More
Posted by mother3girls
Can staring at the sun permanently shrink the iris...
If you stare at the sun for 5 seconds, can it permanently shrink the irises and pupils of your eyes forever?
Posted by scarface94
eye pain
I started getting eye pain yesterday in the corner of my right eye. Today I have the same pain but now its with a...More
Posted by tc123
eye soreness behind 1 eye
I have been have eye soreness behind my eye for more than a month. I can't squeeze my eye shut tight,...More
Posted by Shadowsmom13
Drooping eye lid
I have multiple white bumps behind my ear, this just happened today. Other things that have slowly been...More
Posted by Kosh456
Rubbing your eyes
Sometimes when I rub my eyes hard I get this kaleidescope effect. So why do I get that?
Posted by Chris_L_Hanssen
Letter tilted
I had a car accident 2 month ago and about 10 days ago, my vision/eye got strange. Often, I move my eye to...More
Posted by An_252386
loss of vision post cataract surgery
I am a 55 yr old male and have had cataract surgery in both eyes ( L@48 and R @ 52) Last year I bought a...More
Posted by Russ24529
Eyes Re-Examined
Dear Sir, As you suggested me to visit some more professional and experienced opthalmologist and corneal...More
Posted by Sunshineglow
SO lost
I am 20 years old. I am legally blind in my left eye and losing sight out of the other slowly. Had an MRI done...More
Posted by Snew92
vision loss after retinal detachment surgery (scle...
Hello, I recently had scleral buckle surgery in both eyes for retinal detachments. Following the surgery the...More
Posted by dg175
Sunken eye
I was wondering what can cause one eye to have orbital fat loss? Why are both eyes not affected? I've seen...More
Posted by jackman67
Eye bags - does it ever go away?
I am wondering if anyone had eye bags for extended periods (like several months) and then have it go away,...More
Posted by DaveChapelle
Pre Op avastin Injection advisable?(Cataract opera...
Hi, I would like to find out whether it is advisable to have a pre-op avastin injection to reduce macular edema...More
Posted by KCTan
Eye tearing
I am a 73 yr old male, generally good health, but, three years ago I had cataract surgery and eye lid...More
Posted by Jerry73
Upcoming Bureau of Motor Vehicles Test
I have cataracts and I had myopia before LASIK surgery. The LASIK surgery was done in the late 90s and I...More
Posted by pbradley3097
Missing Pigmataion?
I am 54 and went for an eye exam due to floaters in my eye. The doctor during the examine told me that there...More
Posted by pitabella3
RPED? Is there any help for this?
I am a 68 year old female and have been diagnosed with RPED. I had no problems with that eye (left) until...More
Posted by Foureyes
High Blood Pressure, palpitation and Headaches
My brother was experincing High Blood Pressure, palpitation, Headaches for sometime now. This encounters were...More
Posted by An_251798

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Eyes laser surgery. I need your opinion.
I'm 55 years old, need reading glasses 1.75 to see well from near. From far I'm 20/20 . No problem. Do I really need surgery? What are the ... More
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