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Dark spot around eyes
hi, ive been living with this condition for a while now and i just dont know what to do. Anybody have any...More
Posted by An_251760
Includes Expert Content
Eye Pain
Yesterday morning I woke up to eye pain; not a migraine headache or sinusitis but pain located in the eyes....More
Posted by Anon_183567
Includes Expert Content
Had stye or what I think are styes in my left eye for 6 months when i lift the eyelid i can see white...More
Posted by MissRachalAnn
Includes Expert Content
blood in eyes
78 yr old male. on diuretics, cumidin,defibulator/pacemaker,bloodpressure meds. woke up this morning with...More
Posted by KelleyMW
Includes Expert Content
Right eye blood vessel protruding on the right sid...
I have been having problems with the right corner of my right eye. I can see fine, but, my eyes is burning and...More
Posted by sean123
Includes Expert Content
Uknown Eye Problem
For the past 2 -3 months I have been having bad eye problems. Every single day from morning to night my...More
Posted by tannersummers
Includes Expert Content
Hello, A week ago, I noticed that my left eye vision is not clear and is blurred. I consulted Opthalmologist...More
Posted by bsrajan
Includes Expert Content
Did the sun damage my eyes?
A week ago I stared at the sun for like 3 seconds. Maybe 4 seconds, 5 seconds at tops. I can see perfectly...More
Posted by scarface94
Includes Expert Content
Eye Condition
Dear Sir, I have consulted one opthalmologist for glare and halos one week back. He examined my eyes and...More
Posted by Sunshineglow
Includes Expert Content
Floaters and other symptoms...
Hi all, I have developed floaters within the last year of my life. I also have abysmal sinus issues. The...More
Posted by Seeker1026
Floaters and other symptoms...
Hi all, I have developed floaters within the last year of my life. I also have abysmal sinus issues. The...More
Posted by Seeker1026
Includes Expert Content
was diagnosed with this about 2 months ago in one eye, and now its back. my eye dr. made me go for all kinds...More
Posted by jjc16105
Includes Expert Content
Cloudy Vision after bending over/looking down
I have iritis in my left eye. This is my fourth episode in 12 calendar months. That aside, I have been...More
Posted by An_251462
Includes Expert Content
Son has excessive blinking in both eyes
My son is seven years old. A month and a half ago he started blinking excessively. Over time it has just...More
Posted by Mnolan83
Includes Expert Content
lasik/dry eye
I had lasik done in both eyes Oct 2011, had inhancement done in Left eye Sept 2012. I was put on restasis...More
Posted by isabellamommy
Includes Expert Content
Seeing Spots
I am seeing spots, like I have looked into a bright light or the sun. What are the possible causes of this. I...More
Posted by An_251402
Includes Expert Content
White spots
Every now and then one or both of my eyes gets a foggy white spot covering a small bit of it. It usually...More
Posted by ibrielle
Includes Expert Content
blood in eye, headache, seeing sparks
Hello, I'm very worried about my 29 yr old daughter. She has suffered from severe headaches for years. They...More
Posted by 4kittyz
Includes Expert Content
Loose IOL. (Intraocular lens)
I need help. I have questions I'm having a hard time finding answers. How worried should you be about a...More
Posted by An_251242
Includes Expert Content
Seeking Answers: Can Flyng Affect VIsion for Some...
I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with macular puckers in both eyes. I had flown on a business trip, and...More
Posted by cyndiebeth
Includes Expert Content
got punched in the side of the face
I'm 25 m got poped in the face now a large part of the white is red... what should i do
Posted by An_251092
Includes Expert Content
What's wrong with my eye?
I don't know if i'm a hypochondriac or if i have an underlying health problem that i don't know about, because...More
Posted by fhsd94
Includes Expert Content
sun-burned eyes?
This past August I spent a weekend climbing a mountain with friends. The granite was very bright and...More
Posted by harmonious01
Includes Expert Content
Left eye twitching
I am not sure of the cause, but my left eye (and not my right eye) has started to occasionally twitch for a...More
Posted by ConnieSue56
Includes Expert Content
First of all many thanks for all your wonderful he...
First of all many thanks for all your wonderful help .. review: pt. 77 yr old male...20/40 prior to cataract...More
Posted by onecat
Includes Expert Content
Blurred Vision
I am a 49 year old Caucasian female. My question is: Sometimes, I rest my arm over my eyes. When I take it...More
Posted by Anon_146881
Includes Expert Content
Vision Problem
I have had an issue with my vision every few months which is similar to a floater but I don't believe that...More
Posted by An_250746
Includes Expert Content
Eye Problems amoung other things too!
My left eyelid twitches all the time throughout the day. It's been going on for aprx. 2 months. Can anybody...More
Posted by jkrawiec80
Includes Expert Content
Possible foreign object in eye?
For weeks now, I have felt that there may be something in my eye, most likely along the periphery of the...More
Posted by megan95448
Includes Expert Content
I Have a Bump Above My Eye Please Help?
Is this a stye, wart, skin tag or what could this be? I got it recently and been over a week. ...More
Posted by viciouzbarbie

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