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Alan M Kozarsky, MD

Joined: 11/02/2011
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Alan Kozarsky, MD, is one of the leading corneal, cataract, and vision correction specialists in the country and was selected again this year by Atlanta Magazine and U.S. News and World Report as a "Best Doc." He has repeatedly received the votes of his peers to be listed in the Best Doctors in America. He is the senior partner of the cornea division at Eye Consultants of Atlanta Inc., a large, multispecialty ophthalmology practice in Atlanta, where he specializes in corneal transplants, anterior segment diseases, cataract surgery, and refractive surgery.

Kozarsky has performed refractive, corneal transplant, and cataract surgery for more than 25 years and was selected to be the Medical Monitor for the Summit Omnimed LASIK clinical trial study. Kozarsky is now the medical director for Piedmont Better Vision, Atlanta's premier LASIK and vision correction practice.

Kozarsky received his MD from Albert Einstein University in 1978, and completed his ophthalmology residency at Albert Einstein University in 1982. He completed a clinical fellowship in cornea and anterior segment surgery at the Emory University School of Medicine in 1984, and he joined the Emory Faculty as the director of residency training and becoming an Emory Clinic partner. In 1987, he joined Eye Consultants of Atlanta, where he has developed one of the largest private cornea practices in the country.
In addition to his private practice, he is medical director of the Georgia Eye Bank, where he also serves as a member of the board of directors. He flies himself every year to Honduras for missionary work, where he performs up to 200 eye surgeries on indigent Hondurans. Kozarsky is the medical director of the ECHO Foundation, which is dedicated to the elimination of cataract blindness in Honduras.

Kozarsky has published many articles and lectured throughout the United States and Latin America, and he is a reviewer for many ophthalmology publications.

As a trusted surgeon for many Major League Baseball, NBA, and NFL players, Kozarsky has had the honor of helping some of the world's best-known athletes improve on their already outstanding abilities.

Kozarsky is a senior FAA Designated Aviation Medical Examiner and has a special interest in aviation and its interface with vision correction procedures. Accordingly, he enjoys seeing pilots in consultation and has performed many laser vision correction and implant procedures on private, professional, and military aviators. Kozarsky is a paid consultant to Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals regarding besifloxacin and to Alcon for surgical products.

He is a commercially rated multiengine/instrument and helicopter pilot. Flying is probably his greatest love next to his wife, Julie, and his three children, Caroline, Eliot, and Aaron.

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