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14yo son refuses meds and CBT for depression
Our 14 yo son has been very depressed for about a year. And, some suicidal thoughts in early 2012. Several...More
Posted by 2boyzmom
Still having problems with my 15 year old
Just recently my 15 year old daughter decided that she can go where ever she wants ( she has bipolar) Her one...More
Posted by An_249065
9 yr old son with ADHD & ODD
Our 9 yr. old son was diagnosed last year with ADHD & ODD. He has always had trouble in school since...More
Posted by kerrifair
my life with a bipolar child. please help.
Hello, I have a 12 year old step daughter who lives with us full time, its always ups and downs for her. but...More
Posted by juliekinst
I need help! i believe my 5 yr old daughter is dep...
Hello, I am very concerned about my daughters well being. My daughter is 5 years old and goes to...More
Posted by An_248978
15 year old with bipolar. Stop taking her meds
Hello i am new to this and I was reading some of the stories. I have a 15 year old daughter who was diganosed...More
Posted by tigger
Teenage Bipolar
I can sympathise. My 15yr old has been a nightmare for 3 yrs now. She was diagnosed last year but has...More
Posted by simonebonnett
Autistic 5 year old with destructive behavior diso...
I have a 5 year old boy who is autistic and has DBD. He was put on Abilify after the other medication they gave...More
Posted by Sephris
Need help with our 24 year old
we have a 24 year old daughter. she has lived with us off and on. she gets very angry with us and then we tel...More
Posted by An_247332
Bipolar 7yr old son, also with ADHD and RAD
I'm a divorced mom of 2 adopted sons...both with ADHD, my 7 year old also has Reactive Attachment and has been...More
Posted by newday6
Mood Disorder in my 9 year old daughter.....seekin...
It has been a long, long road for my daughter and I. Early on I heard from teachers, family, sitters, and...More
Posted by scall393
Need help - 14 y/o son
My 14 y/o son was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and "possible early onset bipolar disorder" in early elementary...More
Posted by An_245760
Is ANYONE here to help?
Is this board still active? I am looking for some help below but it appears this board is used very little....More
Posted by Anon_138320
Help Please!
Our son is 25 and living at home, does not work, says he has tried to apply but no luck. It's not enough....More
Posted by Anon_138320
Stopping Celexa for the Second Time
My son take lamictal and celexa for anxiety and OCD. We were giving him 20 mg and his personality because...More
Posted by sonsmother1
Looking for help in understanding depression in my...
My "child" is a bit older than what I'm seeing on this site but my child nonetheless. I have a beautiful...More
Posted by An_245158
Son Had To Stop Celexa because of Activation
My son was taking 20mg of celexa and lamictal. We started him on celexa around one month ago. He was just...More
Posted by An_243468
I am the mother of a soon to be 20 year old son. My son had what some would call a very fortunate childhood....More
Posted by momofahn
I need help with a Bipolar Teen
Help - I am having difficulty disciplining my bipolar teen. She is 14 years old and currently in a mixed...More
Posted by LillyCat2554
Not your fault
hi loved ones of bipolar children, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about five years ago. I've...More
Posted by An_244148
Lamictal and Antidepressant
I was just curious if anyone else's child needs to be on both lamictal and antidepressant for a mood...More
Posted by sonsmother1
What are some symptoms of bipolar in children?
How do I know for sure if my son has bipolar or just anxiety? He has drastic mood swings, but sleeps great...More
Posted by sonsmother1
What are some symptoms of bipolar in children?
How do I know for sure if my son has bipolar or just anxiety? He has drastic mood swings, but sleeps great...More
Posted by sonsmother1
needing support..9yr old son, bipolar/adhd on so m...
I'm new to this, and not sure why I haven't started sooner. My 9yr old son was diagnosed at age 3 with...More
Posted by AllForMySonNC
10-year old police issues
My son is ten has recently been getting into trouble at school (but I have an IEP place). He got in...More
Posted by overwhelmed_mom
Stressed Mom
My almost 7 year old son has been diagnosed with Bipolar, Intermiitent Explosive Disorder, ODD, he also...More
Posted by jsphotographer
Bipolar 12 YO Deteriorating rapidly
My son has recently (finally) been given the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and he is deteriorating rapidly. He...More
Posted by alxbrn1
Cool website with great Info.
Good info. for all of us raising a child with mental difficulties. ...More
Posted by momuv4girls
Anyone with a child who has add/bipolar? Need some...
Hi, I have a 12 year old daughter who is being treated with inattentive add/depression, but I think she...More
Posted by addbipolarmom
Child depressed
hi, My 8 your child recently was diganoused withe depression and is currently taking prozac to help. i have...More
Posted by llemus

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hello, all -- i have severe loss of hearing, migraines, sleep apnea, irritable bowel syndrome, and clinical depression. the hearing loss, the migrai...More

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