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Bipolar Teen
I have a 17 yr old dtr who has been diagnosed with Bipolar andhas recently been released from a mental health...More
Posted by An_241497
Mother of Teen w/mood swings
I am in need of help/advice. I have a daughter who is 13, she is going through the "changes" of life but also...More
Posted by chasroy
i think im bipolor
im 17 years old an i have been very depressed lately an i just feel very emotional everything i do i just...More
Posted by An_240657
Not longer a child
Our now 32 years old son has lived with us (this time) for the last 5 years.He was diagnosed with ADHD when he...More
Posted by rgntngal
please help
I have a 24 year old daughter that has severe bipolar with some personality disorder. She has a 3 yr old...More
Posted by An_240173
help me get my grandaughter
my grandaughter is being put up for adoption. They won't give her to me because of lack of income and a...More
Posted by faithandmatt2
11 year old on abilify
my son has been on abilify since end of june.....fluctuating between 5 and 2mg daily.....5 seemed to zonk...More
Posted by Anon_238339
Feel like I am literally falling apart. Advise PL...
Mom of 24 y/o w/ bipolar II - schizoaffective disorder - depressive type for which the diagnosis he does...More
Posted by Anon_138320
This is the first time I ever posted, but seem to see a lot of similarites with our own situation. Our...More
Posted by miagracie
I am so encouraged by these posts!
I really appreciate all that has been posted on this site. i stumbled on this looking at info on Abilify...More
Posted by puggiesrule
18 year old son depressed?
My son did get his GED in June. He was talking about joining the Navy but needs to do some things to get...More
Posted by alwaysajewell
7 year old on abilify
am so glad i found this thread after reading a few stories i realized i am not alone. I felt like such a...More
Posted by valflesh
Another round of bipolar symptoms out of control f...
Hello people. My daughter was diagnosed in 2000 (her senior year) and was so heavily medicated that she put...More
Posted by trisha524
a mother who needs support and help
my child has bipolar, adhd ! the reason im here 2night is that im simply at my end ive been dealing with this...More
Posted by An_200169
Straterra side effects
My 7 yr old just started taking Straterra, today. this morning she completed her stomach was hurting real...More
Posted by An_200168
Grandson diagnoised, age 8, bipolar
After months of holding my grandson in rages so that he wouldn't hurt himself, he has been diagnoised...More
Posted by prayerforkids
need information
my daughter is 13 she has bi-polor and depression. We have tried some medications but not much is working...More
Posted by mom_needshelp
ADHD/Mood Disorder
I my son has been diagnosis with adhd when he was in the kindergarden and has been on vyvanse 50mg once...More
Posted by carrielfeldman
feeling hopeless in trying to help my granddaughte...
I have legal custody of my 7 yr old granddaughter. she has lived with me since she was 3. Her Mom pretty much...More
Posted by An_200167
4year old grandson bipolar
my grandson (4) was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. please anybody out there who has a young child with the same...More
Posted by oma59
what is the best or most successful medication for...
what is the best or most successful medication for a 17 year old male with depression? they want to give him...More
Posted by stupidi43
Our current situation
Hello, My 13 yo son showed signs of deppression July of last year and later ran away but was found...More
Posted by concerneddad40
Very difficult 7 yr old girl, mood disorder,I stro...
Hi, I am brand new here, but feel so much better just reading previous posts by other frustrated parents....More
Posted by KellyMattsson
New Diagnosis
My 11 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6...he has it "severe" and has been on Meds since...More
Posted by Tyemka
Treating Depressed Moms Helps Kids’ Depression
WebMD has a new article that may be helpful to you: Treating Depressed Moms Helps Kids'...More
Please take a look at this board's announcemenet area for helpful information about Bipolar Disorder and Depression.
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
I'm new here
We found out about my sons depression last year. He "thought" he could take care of it on his own....More
Posted by concern_for_my_son
Where Do Parents Get HELP????
Those of you living with grown sons/daughters with mental health issues, has it affected your lives? Where...More
Posted by An_200166
ADHD and Other Medical Conditions in Children
If you have a child who is currently undiagnosed but you suspect has any of the following health...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
What Is Bipolar Disorder?
Hi Everyone! If you have a child that you suspect may have bipolar disorder or if you are...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff
What are the early warning signs of bipolar illnes...
Do you have a family member dealing with bipolar illness? Is your family member undiagnosed but you...More
Posted by Annie_WebMD_Staff

Spotlight: Member Stories

We have two sons we adopted at birth. One is 25 and doing ok. The other is 7 years younger. He always had a difficult time in school. We had him in a ...More

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Your healthcare provider is the best person to diagnose postpartum depression and to help you with finding some treatment. Mahendra ... More
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