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still trying to find an answer
Aug, 21'2014 I got off the prescribed drugs. Got a procedure done on my spinal stenosis called "radio...More
Posted by irisheyes4e
extra sensitive
Another question about symptoms...Does anyone experience extra sensitivity to tags on your clothes or bra...More
Posted by 64monterrrey
The fibro will get worse (I think) if you stay in bed and if you stay in the abusive relationship. Those...More
Posted by 64monterrrey
It helps to read the posts and not feel alone with the pain, but does anyone know of a real live support...More
Posted by 64monterrrey
any good meds?
Hello, I know about the benefits of exercise for fibro, but is anyone taking any medication that seems to...More
Posted by An_258694
Reply: A morning filled w| tears;
I feel you . It's hard talking to family when you get the grieve of you just need to get up and you'll be fine...More
Posted by mama1984
Reply: more pain
Yea it can but eventually you can do more and have same pain your in right now. I didn't believe it but...More
Posted by mama1984
more pain
I have recently started physical therapy. I wonder if exercise can cause more pain?
Posted by barbiedoll58
more pain
I have recently started physical therapy. I wonder if exercise can cause more pain?
Posted by barbiedoll58
Reply: Diagnosed 15 years ago...
please, what is Limu...?
Posted by barbiedoll58
Reply: Snap!Crackle!Pop!
Yes, I do in my neck. It drives me crazy sometimes, but the doctor said it was harmless. Laura MMore
Posted by lmoree45
The 2 best things I've learned living with fm is "How can I explain it to someone else when I can't explain...More
Posted by An_258231
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Multiple symptom equal and horrible night
Tonight is a bad night for me. I am hurting from my neck to my feet. I have numbness and burning in about a...More
Posted by godbey1965

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Does everyone suffer daily with chronic pain?
Reply: So Confused
Hi, I had a very bad experience with Lyrica. I took it for only a few weeks, and it seemed to be taking some...More
Posted by clurkin

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does fibro flare up
Reply: Fibro Flare Ups
Yes! Maybe not the exact same symptoms, but the same effect. I have been going through a flare for...More
Posted by greeneyedfibrogirl
I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2011. The best description I ever heard of the disease is that it is a...More
Posted by greeneyedfibrogirl
Fibromyalgia Centers of America? Anyone familiar?
A new clinic opened up recently by me: Fibromyalgia Centers of America. I was wondering if anyone had heard...More
Posted by patricia314
Reply: Is this fibro or not?
Thanks Jenna, I think I am going to look for a new rheumatologist. My PCP sent a referral to a neurologist to...More
Posted by tamsu
Always something new to learn...
I was diagnosed with fibro almost 7 years ago, and it has waxed and waned. I have tried this and that medication...More
Posted by alv4n

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Do you just assume that the people who know you so well and know that you have fibro really understand how it pervades every day of our lives?
  • Yes, they know I have fibro so they must know that I hurt.
  • Yes, my spouse and family know because they see me everyday.
  • No, I realize my family does not always "walk in my shoes".
  • No, and it makes me feel isolated and alone.
  • No, because to assume it to make an "ass" of "u" and "me".
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Reply: Newbie
Absolutely understand how you feel. I was diagnosed almost 7 years ago, and it has waxed and waned. I have tried...More
Posted by alv4n
Reply: Different Fibro Pain
I'm pretty sure I do, everyday and all day I have that type pain that starts from the left side of my face...More
Posted by rubystix
Reply: i was just diagnoised with FiBro!
Hi, from one newbie to another. I too need friends and or persons who simply finish my sentences(if you what I...More
Posted by rubystix
Reply: Fibro Newbie
Hi Allcritters! I am newly diagnosed with Fibro as well. I strongly relate with your 3 year battle of...More
Posted by luckymom17
Reply: bipolar and fibromyalgia
I have only been diagnosed for about 4 years, but I have had serious weight gain and I take gabapentin. I have...More
Posted by rhancock
bipolar and fibromyalgia
I have had fibro go 20+ years does anyone else suffer with bipolar and weight gain I take cymbalta lamictal...More
Posted by fairymaiden
Reply: Does anyone else deal with actually "feeling sick"...
I have fibro for 20t year my self and yes I have sicknesses bouts also my pain Dr gives me nausea meds for...More
Posted by fairymaiden
Fibro Newbie
Hello! I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a 3 year battle of the doctors. The hardest thing I...More
Posted by allcritters
Reply: back pain
Hi Helmsa19. I recommend getting rid of heat. It causes inflammation which will make your low back get...More
Posted by ellywriter08

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Are hormonal imbalances related to fibro?
  • yes
  • no
  • do not know
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Reply: Balance
If you're noticing that your pain symptoms rise and fall depending on your stress level, you might...More
Posted by larsclausen
Fibromyalgia Sufferers Get Pain Relief from IV Lid...
Most recent study I've come across. I was intrigued by the relief from Lidocaine because when I get dental work...More
Posted by alv4n
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Spotlight: Member Stories

Hello everyone. I have been a Fibro sufferer for many years as well as Reflex Sypathy Dystrophy in my feet. Recently, due to several loses in my famil...More

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coconut oil?
bought some the other day and have been putting it in my smoothies. we'll see. anyone else tried it? More
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