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Reply: Fibro and fever?
I've been running a low grade fever, also. I thought maybe it was due to my being on Savella. Are you on any...More
Posted by jamurus
Reply: Uggggg
also if you look on the net it tells you all about it or just give up like ss wants you to do!!!!!
Posted by tinkandnieko
Reply: difficulty walking
I wouldnt say i stumble around like im drunk but i do get a lot of weakness. so i do.trip over things alot...More
Posted by herbalx3
Reply: New here
you need to make sure your getting like 9 hours a sleep a night. and when you take it get right into bed. I...More
Posted by herbalx3
I would talk to you psych dr about getting on nnrsi which are anti depressants that help with pain that will...More
Posted by herbalx3
Reply: more pain
I had the same exact problem anyone is different though. Im now trying aquatic therapy so its not as rough on...More
Posted by herbalx3
Reply: pressure points
Thats how it is diagnosed along with your other symptoms.
Posted by herbalx3
Reply: Multiple symptom equal and horrible night
I would try The natural supplement, Thrive. It has helped ease my discomfort tremendously!!! No one does...More
Posted by An_261427

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Does everyone suffer daily with chronic pain?
Reply: Not Sure
I have dealt with the burning sensation as well as the pins and needles. I didn't have any success managing...More
Posted by An_261427

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Does anyone have pin needle feelings through there body and memory loss?
  • Yes, sometimes
  • Yes, short term memory loss
  • Never
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Reply: more pain
I completely understand what you are saying about being done at the end of the work day. It seems like I pour...More
Posted by char1974
It's Getting Worse
I have had fibro for 7 years now. Slowly over the years medications have either been introduced or increased (...More
Posted by char1974
Reply: CFS with FB
Yes, I have to stay in bed almost all day and I sleep a lot.
Posted by fayenean
Fibromyalgia pain
Hi, I'm Faye, I have had fibromyalgia fora few years and have been unable to find a doctor after my original...More
Posted by An_260138
Reply: Different Fibro Pain
Hi, I'm new to the community. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago. I understand your description of...More
Posted by rubystix
Reply: still trying to find an answer
My husband always said that to me!! I have done so many different things i had lost all hope for getting...More
Posted by tinkandnieko
Reply: A morning filled w| tears;
Everything I read on here is like I'm writing it myself. Are you in the Louisville area. I'm really...More
Posted by godbey1965
Reply: any good meds?
Yes, actually I was on Cymbalta for a whiile but got off when they stopped distributing samples and I...More
Posted by 64monterrrey
Reply: extra sensitive
Ok. Thanks. You hang in there too. Do you work? If yes, are you sitting or walking around more?More
Posted by 64monterrrey
Reply: Newbie
I really wish I could find the right words to explain to my fiancé and daughter the pain I feel...More
Posted by feelingunsupported
The fibro will get worse (I think) if you stay in bed and if you stay in the abusive relationship. Those...More
Posted by 64monterrrey
It helps to read the posts and not feel alone with the pain, but does anyone know of a real live support...More
Posted by 64monterrrey
more pain
I have recently started physical therapy. I wonder if exercise can cause more pain?
Posted by barbiedoll58
Reply: Diagnosed 15 years ago...
please, what is Limu...?
Posted by barbiedoll58
Reply: Snap!Crackle!Pop!
Yes, I do in my neck. It drives me crazy sometimes, but the doctor said it was harmless. Laura MMore
Posted by lmoree45
The 2 best things I've learned living with fm is "How can I explain it to someone else when I can't explain...More
Posted by An_258231
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Reply: So Confused
Hi, I had a very bad experience with Lyrica. I took it for only a few weeks, and it seemed to be taking some...More
Posted by clurkin

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does fibro flare up
Reply: Fibro Flare Ups
Yes! Maybe not the exact same symptoms, but the same effect. I have been going through a flare for...More
Posted by greeneyedfibrogirl
I was diagnosed with Fibro in 2011. The best description I ever heard of the disease is that it is a...More
Posted by greeneyedfibrogirl
Fibromyalgia Centers of America? Anyone familiar?
A new clinic opened up recently by me: Fibromyalgia Centers of America. I was wondering if anyone had heard...More
Posted by patricia314
Reply: Is this fibro or not?
Thanks Jenna, I think I am going to look for a new rheumatologist. My PCP sent a referral to a neurologist to...More
Posted by tamsu

Spotlight: Member Stories

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia after being rear ended twice in a three week period in 2008. It's been an awful and frustrating 2...More

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Tranquility Reduces Symptoms
Hello Everyone, for those who are not familiar with me 2013 makes 30 years I've been living with fibro. Am able to enjoy a life which ... More
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