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Diagnosed in March 2012...and I feel like I'm goin...
Hi there, I was recently diagnosed and have been having some issues coping with my symptoms as well as...More
Posted by misstmreese
Fibro and Hypoglycemai
Anyone have fibromyalgia that is also have problems with hypoglycemia?
Posted by harrisranch2
looking for feedback
I am a first time entry, please read. I've become convinced I have fibro. I wouldn't know why I am hurting if it...More
Posted by maf63
fibro-melt-down... possible?
I've been living with the symptoms of Fibrmyalgia most of my adult life, but have only recently been diagnosed...More
Posted by namann
fibro-melt-down... possible?
I've been living with the symptoms of Fibrmyalgia most of my adult life, but have only recently been diagnosed...More
Posted by namann
fibro-melt-down... possible?
I've been living with the symptoms of Fibrmyalgia most of my adult life, but have only recently been diagnosed...More
Posted by namann
Fibro without Tender Points/trigger points??? Impo...
Hi all! I am knew here & had a quick question or two. I have NOT been dx'd w/ Fibro yet, but I have had a...More
Posted by An_243588
Newly Diagnosed
hello all, i was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia last week. i have been on a roller coaster ride trying...More
Posted by Deejaymaof2
New to the Discussion. Looking to share
Hello. I have had symptoms of Fibro for a year now and was "diagnosed" in May. I used this in quotes...More
Posted by strengthening
Hi this is all new to me and im not very good with a computer but here it ggos. i have been suffled around by...More
Posted by lory1964

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help please i dont know what to do!
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Please Help
Hello, I am new here and wondered if anyone felt like me, disgusted and depressed.... I know the holidays are...More
Posted by justluv
I know exercise is important...
Exercise (ie. walking around a track, warm water therapy, etc.) completely wears me out. I have to take a couple...More
Posted by kariUT
New here
I'm new here, I'm a 28 year old, married, SAH mother of 3 (10 son, 6 daughter and 3 son). I was diagnosed with...More
Posted by MrsP0721
Pain all the time and no help from doctor
Hey everyone, I was diagnosed 2 years ago but have been dealing with this pain for 3 years ( it took a...More
Posted by saralucas2908
Fed up with Dr and Family!
Hi all~ new here. I need advice on how to get to a Dr. who will understand what Fibro is and how to treat it....More
Posted by TealTulip
Do I have Fibro?
I have had so much blood work done - all negative. Doctor thinks I may have fibro but not sure. Do you have to...More
Posted by julietud

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Do i have fibro?
The Colder Weather
The last few years,I seem to feel the cold much,much,more then ever befor.I mean,I use to go out an sit for...More
Posted by suesrose
Leaving group!!
I'm very disappointed & hurt. I reached out and it seems no-one cares, don't know why but I THOUGHT...More
Posted by kylersnanna7
Saw Rheumy again today
Was in just this past Friday to see him but called & talked to his nurse yesterday in tears & he...More
Posted by kylersnanna7
At the end of my rope!!!!
I've been in a flare for a little over 15 months & while I try to be upbeat this is ridiculous!! I...More
Posted by kylersnanna7
Different Fibro Pain
I'm hoping that someone out there can help me. I have a contstant "rubber band tightening" like pain. No one...More
Posted by patsyann64
No treatment
Hi, I am new to this community and looking forward to understanding my fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed a year...More
Posted by KarleighAZ
Does anyone have Fibro with high blood pressure?
It only holds me back if I 'let' it
Posted by RacerLady503
Disability Update Report/Help with Info
Some of you may remember me and some may not, been a while since I've been on here but have a question about...More
Posted by aundy28570
I am new to all of this and am really hoping to make some friends on here that know exactly what I am going...More
Posted by tnewsome31
I'm 52, I've had chronic migraines since I was 19, and I started have pain everywhere 8 years ago after a...More
Posted by An_200153
Been a few weeks since I've been on. First, diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in March. Rheumatologist wanted to wait...More
Posted by catpug
I have a question for you all. I was wondering how many of you have had Fibromyalgia pain that is bad...More
Posted by phoenix101573
fibromyalgia diagnosis
This information may help some who are suffering from fibromyalgia or pain that the doctors don't know what...More
Posted by An_200152

Spotlight: Member Stories

That picture is my son. He just turned 1 and is getting crazier and crazier by the minute. Making it harder and harder for my to keep up with. I was d...More

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Tranquility Reduces Symptoms
Hello Everyone, for those who are not familiar with me 2013 makes 30 years I've been living with fibro. Am able to enjoy a life which ... More
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