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Joined: 10/16/2010
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Oh Boy, It seems after you have had fibro for awile and everything else that goes with it as far as reactions from drugs and loss of life as I knew it, that I am not sure I want anyone in my story, I'm afraid it might also hurt. I have COPD, psoriatic arthritis, degenerating disc disease (whatever that is),psoriatic gout, stroke victim, legally blind, I can't lay down so I sit up all night long, I'm on disability and can't afford therapy for the pshyco part of this hole I can't get out of. Every holiday, or I should say You all know the list of triggers I hope, but it hits me stronger and stronger everytime. I don't hardly eat anymore because food doesn't taste good anymore. I always thought that in life, if your good, it will come back to you. So I apologize for any pain or suffering I have caused anyone in this world and out of it!

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Does this disease last forever?
I have had fibermyalgia since an auto accident in 99. Its like labor pains with no break,...More
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Reply: Going through a bad cycle
I have had fibro for years, and yes when the barometer reaches a certain point it causes...More
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