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my story is long, draining, im now 51, when i was little i suffered the 'fybromyalgia' symptoms, yet it wasnt recognised, i was told i had 'period pain' 'growing pains' 'attention seeker' everything but! what i had. to this day i remember crying in bed when young from the aching, the lethargy, (but was punished for it by my father by getting a 'hiden' from not being able to get out of bed), then at 15 i wittnessed my sisters horrific death, she was 16, (was never given support or help), so i ran away, covered up ''fybromyalgia'' (& now i know what was ptsd to boot), with drugs / alchole, anything to not go through the fybromyalgia hell, long story short, i lost my marriage, my 2 eldest sons, (not from death, but from me self distructing), i had my daughter at 35, & decided to ''seek help'' i diddnt want to loose her to. it took forever to actually be ''diagnosed with fybromyalgia'' but! that was treated with narcotics, sleeping pills, and! antidepressants, (once i mentioned my sisters death, it was decided i had ptsd), well i do, hell i saw something that gives me nightmares 36 years later), but the fybromyalgia (i felt) exasibated the ptsd, because when you go down with that, all thats left while lying in bed is! depresson!! so then id slide into the ptst while suffering the ''chronic aching, the fatigue / lethargy'' all that this horrible thing now called fybromyalgia intails!!, all i have is my daughter, im estranged from family & have no friends, my daughter is my angel, sometimes i want her to walk out when i rant and rave about being so ''useless'' (i cant speak for others), but when im struck down, which is regulaly, my ''mind'' isnt so bad, i keep saying to myself, ''for gods sake get up and do something!!!'' but fybromyalgia is the crulest thing to endure, another long story short, i decided to do my own rechearch on medication for this ''thing'' (i hope the rhumatologist that diagnosed me has rechearched herself), then i came apon (dont know if im allowed to mention medication), but!!!!!! its a medication that is aimed for!! fybromyalgia, its not a narcotic, not an antidepressent, and not sleeping pills. so i approached my doctor and told her!! i wanted to try it, she did her recherch, and said it costs a fortune, i said id sell my soul just to try it, (at 51 i want to ''live'' not just ''exist''), im only 3 days into this new medication, but im banking on it to work because im done living / existing like this. once the ''pain clinic'' approves & says 'yes i need it' then il get it on (pbs) hear in australia, & pay heaps less, (im struggling as is on a disability support pension), so i need it approved by pain clinic to get cheaper, but as said only 3 days into it, (now doctors have to wheen me off narcotics i told them never worked yet kept being prescribed) so, really long story short thats where i an now at this point, i gave up preying years ago, but im sure as heck preying now that this new medication works, please feel free to ask any questions, (oh forgot, during times i wasnt suffering, i studdied and successfully compleated my diploma in advanced professonal counselling), not that iv been able to practice, im so unpredictable with fybromyalgia, who would hire me when i never!!! know how im going to wake up & have to call in sick. my heart is with all sufferers whether mild or chronic, because i can say ''i understand'' AND MEAN IT!.

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