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Joined: 06/18/2012
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I am 24 years of age & after years or circles my current diagnosis is scoliosis, herniated disc, pinched nerves, & most recently fibromyalgia which seems to be crippling my life. The person I once was seems to be a distant memory, some days. I feel that my conditions have progressed rapidly due to ignorance & neglect from Drs, as well as my parents but the blame game is something I'm so far past. I just want to feel normal, I just wanna wake up one day & not have all these depressing symptoms. Getting up daily & facing FMS is an accomplishment within itself & I truly look forward to chatting, receiving, & sharing helpful words w| those going through a similar, trying time. Personally, I despise religion but if not for my younger brother & my spirituality, I would not still be walking this earth.

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