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Reply: TGIF****Black Friday*****11/28/2014 *****
Morning Mimi, Oy such a holiday!! The traffic was bad going into Connecticut and I couldn't believe the...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: TGIF - 11/21/2014 ******Roll Call
Nancy, Thank you! I appreciate your encouragement. I have seen short cuts taken on care and it really is sad....More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Happy Thanksgiving Day ******11/27/2014
Happy Thanksgiving all! DH and I are having a quiet day at home. He baked a small ham yesterday. I am baking...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Reply: random thought
Got to love those Cats....I am such a cat person. I can read them as much as the bond you can develop with one...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Gluten free and bloating
Good advice above me here. Eating healthy and hydrating is the best for the body that is struggling to...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: who knows about MRIs?
Anon_2912, you are right! I am trusting especially since I got no calls from the Dr. who ordered the test. I...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Reply: the H-word HOUSEWORK
I work full time but my house has to always be clean and smelling clean.....It irritates me if it is not........More
Posted by Anon_2912
Reply: Sleep for 3 to 4 hours even after a full night of ...
Wish I could sleep...I have insomnia and have the past 20 or so yrs....(Graves Disease)... I take 10mg...More
Posted by Anon_2912
Reply: Happy Thanksgiving Eve and Hump Day too - 11/26/2...
Good morning! Going to be a busy day at work. Thank God I could somewhat control the schedule so I have some...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Reply: Knee replacement vs Fibro
I feel your pain...I had a torn meniscus surgery at the end of june and am still in PT to rehab the...More
Posted by jazzyjudy
Reply: Giving in to panic attacks, going to talk to Docto...
It's so difficult that doctor's visits can be nerve wracking these days. You didn't ask for advice, but...More
Posted by Anon_10089
Reply: Tuesday - 11/25/2014 ******Thanksgiving week *****...
Good evening everyone. I had a decent day her. It was very productive at work. I got them to spend some money...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Monday, Monday ******Thanksgiving Week *******Odd ...
Good Monday to all! It was a windy day here in Kansas. The temp in the 50's. I had two tests today. I had only...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Sudden Overwhelming Fatigue/Sleep Attacks
I was almost finished when suddenly i was cut off-------I was not finished!!!!!? Why ????? Boop
Posted by boopbetty78
Reply: Gabapentin unsure if I like this
Good Morning I have been on Gabapentin for many years. It takes a few months to kick in. This drug helps with...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Gluten free for fibro
I went gluten free for the IBS label I was given and it was really a gluten enteropathy. I don't live in the...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Glad I found this page
Good morning Basketkasse, There are definitely things you can do and be aware of to not trigger more trouble....More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Sunday *****11/23/2014 *****
Good morning Mimi and all who follow. It is warmer here for a short spell as well with 43 today and 29...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Miserable with fibromyalgia
Thank u so much. I think I'm going to try some acupuncture next week. I think that has helped before. Did u...More
Posted by slw1962
Reply: Saturday - 11/22/2014 *****COLD in NC.
Well I feel dumb, they would not let me sign in. They have always asked a password and they wanted my e mail and...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Divorce
Hi, I can understand how you are feeling as your husband has just given you the divorce papers without...More
Posted by juli_mathew
Reply: HCG for Fibromyalgia relief
Kristin, do you take 200mcg every day? Or once a week? For weight loss I do 150/day, but wasn't sure how much...More
Posted by radelady
Reply: Pleased to meet you!
I take Norco if all else fails, but I try heating pads, muscle relaxers, bath first. I worry about taking...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Reply: Thursday - 11/20/2014 ******Bitter Cold
Good Thursday to all! It was a warmer day here in Kansas. Highs in the 40's. The sun was shining and it felt...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: FYI******another Vitamin D Link ****
Hi, Mimi- Yes, through my own research I don't believe 42 is quite high enough (for me). I currently take...More
Posted by Anon_10089

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Reply: Monday, Monday - 11/17/2014 *****
Yes, Linda, the doc lied, as did mine--not sure when you were diagnosed, I was diagnosed in the mid-90s when...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Reply: Happy Hump Day - 11/19/2014 *****Bitter Cold in lo...
Lou, thank you ever so much for the support and good suggestion . I will take your advice and begin...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: 24/7 intense itching all over body (even inside ea...
I have this! It is AWFUL and utterly maddening on my nerves to itch so incessantly! I read this online (as I...More
Posted by angster
Reply: Sharing the toolbox
I was surprised no one had put anything new in the toolbox for so long! Memory Foam mattress topper...More
Posted by grumpygoat

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