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Reply: TGIF*****Roll Call *****1/30/2015 *****End of Janu...
Good evening everyone, It has been raining off and on since yesterday afternoon. That is good news here!...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: frustrated with dr's and lack of treatment
Thank you so much. I have been so frustrated and depressed for a while. I've become very good at hiding the...More
Posted by mimi2addie
Reply: Thursday - 1/29/2015 *****
I did report the call to I'm sure nothing will stop; in fact I got another this morning.
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Hump Day *****1/28/2015 ***** cold in NC*****
Caly, God has watched over you! We had somewhat something similar and my husband firmly asked to be...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: What's YOUR Biggest Fibromyalgia Pet Peeve?
It hurts me so much (no pun intended) when my cat wants to knead on my legs and I have to move her...More
Posted by jaimibschaffer
Reply: Fibro and diverticulitis
Dear Astra After seeing your post I knew I had to reply.I also suffered with diverticulitis for 20 years and...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Fibro Pain
When I have pain from tied shoes I will use a piece of foam btwn the tongue and my foot. You have to figure...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Tuesday - 1/27/2015 ******a Special Day *******
I read these posts again, and I must have really been a fog head yesterday because it's like I didn't read...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Reply: Fibromyalgia Chills
Hello and welcome....MiMi in NC. 24 years with FM and you are able to manage your how exactly...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: New here
Hello and welcome. MiMi in NC. OMG****so your doctor has not even *discussed Fibromyalgia with you yet*....I...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Monday, Monday ******1/26/2015 ******
I did see that, looks like a fun way to clean up.
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Need help with alternative meds to savella and lyr...
Great info Nancy!! Seriously, diet changes are HUGE!! But I definitely suggest acupuncture as a first step for...More
Posted by lml7221
Reply: herbs?chiropractic?
Hello Tea junkie! I have tried 4 different herbs I believe (I'll have too look at the names for them, I don't...More
Posted by lml7221
That sounds awful. Sorry you had to go thru it. In my opinion, you should never just be given such strong meds...More
Posted by calyna
Reply: New to Community
Hi Pauley, Glad to see you've found your way here, really good people here. I've been reading a lot on the forum...More
Posted by calyna
Reply: Itching and burning.
It has just started the last few weeks. Idont have any 'wandering pain ' elsewhere. It seems worse after a lot...More
Posted by kenedal
Reply: Sunday ***** 1/25/2015 *****Not a good day for me.
Good evening everyone. I see it has been a tough day for many of you. I'm sorry to see this. I hope you can...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: New to Community
Hello Pauley and welcome. MiMi in NC. I am sure you will find lots of *good tools* here that perhaps you have...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Running and Fibromyalgia
II I completely agree with you. I am also a runner, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2011. I had...More
Posted by runnergirl44

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Reply: Saturday - 1/24/2014 *****
Mimi, Wrote a long post yesterday and lost it...unable to type it over. Sorry to hear of the GS having issue...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Valerian Root v.s. Amitriptyline and Guaifeneisin
Lacey, Google the guafesin, it has a whole diet that needs to go with it for us. A pain to do and I have not...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: need help with alternative meds to savella and lyr...
Good morning Gina, I was unable to tolerate Gabapentin even at that 100mg start dose. Too drowsy and loopy....More
Posted by booch007
Good morning stphotopro, Gosh it hurts to read this letter. This disease is so invasive in our lives and the...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: TGIF******1/23/2015 ******Roll Call ******
Good evening to you all I am finding this to be my best quiet time to do some reading and writing. Thank you...More
Posted by calyna
Reply: New to fibro
Hi Sandypdx I don't work anymore, but my condition is a bit more complex and I have multiple diseases. I also...More
Posted by calyna
Reply: Can' post
Thanks Mimi, I appreciate your reply. It did work this morning. I want to thank you for recommending Stop...More
Posted by lmoree45
Can' post
I don't what is wrong but when I post it doesn't show up. Any answers to why?
Posted by lmoree45
Reply: Thursday - 1/22/2015 *****
Hello calyna and welcome.....MiMi in NC. I googled the product you mention and I am not sure that anyone in...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Hump Day - 1/21/2015 *****
hey Mimi...I just wanted to add that we also had gone to a financial planner...and man..I think everyone...More
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Reply: Vitamin D a Symptom or Fibro or Vice Versa
It seems that there are several with FM that do have deficiency in vitamin D. I have heard that vitamin D...More
Posted by melpom

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