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Reply: New Meds
Thanks so much for responding I read so much about both of them I got a little scared. ...More
Posted by missshortyd
New Meds
Hi All I posted a while back that I didn't take any meds for my fibro just over the...More
Posted by missshortyd
Reply: Favorite Easter Memories
Morning Fmily 1. I remember my 1st pair of stocking that were held up with garters...More
Posted by missshortyd
I belong to a few communities I don't post alot but I read every day and I see you...More
Posted by missshortyd
Reply: What Is YOUR Biggest Fibromyalgia Pet Peeve?
My burning pain mostly in my butt!!!
Posted by missshortyd
Reply: update on sleep study,
Morning FMily I also had a sleep study on Dec 5th no results yet but I think people...More
Posted by missshortyd
Reply: It's time to tell you why I am thankfull.
Welcome Jeepguy and Tom I'm Linda and I lurk more than anything because my fingers...More
Posted by missshortyd
Reply: Just curious
Good Morning Fmily I wanted to bump this back up because while I was up this morning...More
Posted by missshortyd
Just curious
I was wondering how many of us with FM also have sleep apnea?
Posted by missshortyd
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Reply: Hormones and Fibromyalgia, Part 2.
Dear husbandO I'm sorry you are dealing with this.Sometimes when we don't feel good we...More
Posted by missshortyd