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    I am 62, I have FM, menere's, acid reflux migraine ,IBS, anxiety. Was low in d ,but got it up, now low in b12 and fighting that. I had two children ,my daughter passed away 5 years ago,and life has been hard, I have a son Mike. I do have 12 grandchildren,and am thank full for them. I live in the Ohio area. I love life ,all of it. Just sorry my daughter is not here to enjoy it with me. I struggle every day as we all do. And I wish the best for every one and so glad I found this sight,it has helped me so much,thanks to all of you. I now have tinnutis and the ringing is very stressfull just one more thing to deal with,but I do want to be here for any one who needs support,because it is so very important.

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