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Reply: Dr. P (And Others)---Advice, Please?
Hi mypityparty, Sorry you are feeling so bad. Keep working with your doctors....More
Reply: fibromyalgia
Hi Gobner, Sorry about being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. A common complaint...More
Reply: recovering alocholic with Fibromyalic like pain
Hi jacktgolf, I wanted to chime in here with a few thoughts. It would be...More
Reply: Dr. P and all, lidocaine iv infusion
Hi Deb, I'm sure your Pain Management Clinic will explain the suggested...More
Reply: Dr. Margaret And Anyone Else---Need Advice, Please...
Hi Angelswife, I've been asked to respond to your question on how to manage...More
Reply: ? for Dr. P & community-active release therapy & m...
I bet your hunch is right: most of my patients who have researched fibro and...More
Reply: Fibro and Psoriasis (would appreciate doctor's r...
Hello, Psoriasis does not seem directly linked to fibro, but one can...More
Reply: Dr. P - autonomic testing and link to FB?
Hi Scott, There is a known link between FM and autonomic nerve dysfunction or...More
Reply: muscle relaxers
Hi Ashley, Muscle relaxants can decrease pain in people with fibro. I have...More
Reply: Dr. P (And Others)---Advice, Please?
Dear Angelswife, So sorry you've had those leg injuries that put you at a low...More