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Reply: Atrial Fibrillation and Fibromyalgia
Nancy B, Funny comment about my age. You had the right 2 numbers, wrong...More
Reply: FM plus Cancer
Hi Bonnie, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I've not seen any adverse...More
Reply: DR. P - Chronic Pain-Fibromyalgia-Nerve Damage
Hi gsw, Sorry you aren't noticing any benefits so far with Savella. In my...More
Reply: Dr. P - Cymbalta experience?
Hi RedHead, Please let your doctor know of any change in your symptoms. Your...More
Reply: Central Senitization Disorder
Hi goredbirdsgo, Sorry to hear of your issue with spasms. With my patients, I...More
Reply: Dear Dr. Mark Pellegrino
Hi Jane, Sorry to hear of your difficulties and loneliness with fibromyalgia...More
Reply: Central Senitization Disorder
Central Sensitization Disorder was originally described over ten years ago for...More
Reply: Would an MRI show fibromyalgia?
Hello 1975transplant, A typical CAT scan or MRI of the brain (or elsewhere)...More
Reply: Sleepless
Fibro can be hereditary, so it's common to see mothers and sons/daughters with...More
Reply: Dr. P
Hi Nancy B, That's the worst feeling: worrying about our kid's pain and...More