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Reply: Dr. P (and others) qestion about fibro and feet pa...
Hi Elizabeth, Here is a discussion from a while back that incudes my response...More
Reply: Question for Dr. P
Hi foreversore, Once one tests positive for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), he/she...More
Reply: For Dr. P, a question about migraine research and ...
Hi Susan, Very interesting questions! Research has shown that our brains...More
Reply: FMS Myers
I do not use the Myers protocol for treating my patients with fibro so I am not...More
Reply: Throat pain, hoarseness with fibromyalgia
Thanks Margaret, for finding and posting the previous discussion. I am always...More
Reply: Treating Hormonal Changes/the Irony of FM
Hi Jill, Thank you for you very well written, interesting, and timely posts!...More
Reply: ? for Dr. P about dizzyness
Hi Jen, It's never fun being flared-up. It's never fun having fibro in the...More
Reply: Dr. P - Cymbalta experience?
Hi Scott, I hope you're feeling better already on your Cymbalta trial. I use...More
Reply: PMR
Dear Tay77, Sorry you have polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR). In this Fibromyalgia...More
Reply: Newbe with questions
Hi Roxann, Welcome to this community: it's a great place to learn more about...More